Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016: The Advent Calendar of Deaths

2016, you have totally surpassed yourself in unfiltered, blatant animosity. You should be renamed:

The Year of (201)6 Feet Under

Adding insult to injury, not one famous figurehead had a chance to claim headline news glory before you slammed another deceased whammy our way. That just wasn't fair. Every time we opened the advent calendar of dates, instead of chocolate there was another well known person behind the flap. Also no one's getting decent, justified, respectful airtime in global mourning column inches - did you not consider that? Before we've shock horror'ed ourselves from the news of one, another pops their clogs.

A note to 2017: Heed...really, seriously heed

2016 was a Grinch beyond proportions and it will try encourage you to think bad thoughts. Don't fall for it. It'll send you flowers, whiskey, thermally insulated slippers, fancy umbrellas, proper smoked salmon with capers and a brand new wardrobe so it can wrap you round its little finger. Send everything back - actually, burn them instead to be on the safe side. Wrap yourself (and us) in sage and smudge us through the next 365 days from the second you kick in. Put red paint on the doorposts of every iconic celebs front door and protect them, biblical style. We know that method works, it's proven and it's a solid solution.

And don't look 2016 in the eye - not one bit. Or we'll all turn to stone come 00.01am on the 1st.

My sister said that Madonna must be shitting herself. My friend Penny is terrified for Bruce Forsyth. I'm personally more worried about the Queen's corgis. Their legs are too short, it really bothers me.

A Cracking Solution

I think that every time an icon dies, we should all have a shot of vodka. Then we'll spend the next year hammered or hungover and it'll dull the pain of famous passings. Then again, we were all just a bunch of assholes at one time. And if you don't believe me, read that link. It's riveting, gripping stuff.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton - Get A Backbone

And I'm now more assured I made the right choice in voting for Donald Trump.

This is what I think of her...in abundance! 

For someone who claimed that 'when they go low, we go high,' Hillary has a serious personality flaw in eating her own words. Expensive words that cost over $1b in her over-inflated (highest priced) campaign in presidential history.

Blaming For Blaming Media Publicity Whoring Inches Sake

She's blamed the media - for what?
For creating bias news throughout the whole campaign in her favor yet then losing the election because of a crap, directionless stint while employing 'yes' people who bowed to her every command while she refused to listen to the American people (and too right - that's one sentence with intentionally little punctuation and no pause for her to respond).

She's blamed Putin - for what?
For ranting about him in every debate believing she knows him inside out, yet failing to operate any decent spike levels in foreign policy during her past four years...while causing more damage with Benghazi, ISIS, putting Israel in jeopardy through a horrific shambles of a s**t Iran deal and the list could continue through to 2018 + beyond. She had four plus years to schmooze with Putin - and she failed. I place hard cash neither will be exchanging Christmas cards this year.

She's blamed the American public - for what?
For not voting for her when she assumed she had the presidency in the bag, while calling the public deplorable. Name calling doesn't get you votes Mrs C. It calls you a bully and everyone knows bullies are cowards.That's a fact. Add it to your LinkedIn if you want to start resume-honesty as your 2017 resolution.

She's blamed her own team - for what?
For a very few of them now publicly (quoted) stating she refused to listen to them, refusing to visit the swing states she ignored, refusing to visit the sure bet states she decided weren't worthy of her nailing the vote-coffin-in-the-bag. Yet running a celebrity fanfare during her tours to distract from having zero new initiatives to bring to the country....or the people who were screaming for change in security, healthcare, employment etc. And maybe the campaign staff are now name calling because they want their own publicity or hunting for their next job. Either way, she created a team of people that she absolutely guided into training that it is OK for them to deny responsibility ownership. Way to go Teacher Clinton. Your newly newspaper column inch craving staff all get A+'s.

And to those campaign employee 'whistle-blowers' - why the hell would anyone now employ you? You can't keep your mouths shut so if you can't keep schtum for Clinton, why would any potential employer want you? Did you not read the last page of the manual that says 'zip it' if asked for post-campaign related media comments?

She's blamed the FBI - for what? 
Reopening an already corrupt investigation against her and her years of running the gauntlet without an inch of focus on national security. It's standard practice that everything online can be leaked. Non Clinton obsessives saw through this way, way, way before the finale FBI re-surge days before big voting day. Is she such a technologically incompetent buffoon that she thought the 'I didn't know I deleted them, oops' attitude would surely get her off the FBI watch list or they'd hold them back until she was then defeated. Imagine: Trump trumping her and THEN being immediately FBI investigated - what an end to 2016 that would have been. Or her winning and THEN investigated - talk about setting a great example for future female presidents.

She's blamed Trump - for what?
For him focusing on people, localisation of speeches and winning the country's business - one voter at a time at a fraction of the campaign costs versus hers. Hillary - never ever assume the opponent is an idiot but always assume you are not a winner until you are handed the medal and keys to the Blanc House.

She's blamed her staged photo calls - for what?
For pulling a stupid stint by grabbing PR's in forests to have selfies, days after the election with zero security detail around her, looking fresh as a daisy and just so happened to bump into these women. Give me a break! Hillary, your whole life is one stage and the intelligent ones aren't buying tickets to your s**t-show. The theater has closed, the tip up chairs have been covered in blankets and the lights are now out permanently. There's new show in town and it's called 'change.'

Man Up Clinton - Fast

Hillary Clinton needs to grow a backbone, take responsibility for her actions and find her spine. The latter is probably hidden deep within the corrupt back-scratching she's initiated perpetually for 30 years. How any surgeon can find it again will be a medical miracle and potentially be claimed as one of the best operations in the past century. She may need reconstructive surgery or possibly a transplant before she can walk again....and then learn to hobble with an inch of dignity, using a walker with those tennis ball footers required for stability.

Hillary & Obama: Take Ownership & Stop Inciting To Split The Country

Hillary, stop blaming everyone for your MOFO screw ups. You were team leader, you were the boss and every boss must take accountability. Stop antagonizing & inciting the country by trying to dig, chip and divide it with your Demo wannabes, your millions of $$ from your irritating 'demand a recount' BFF (until the next BFF rears their head in a few weeks). And how did that work out for you? Not as fun as you thought since you've now lost even more votes and look stupid...stupid I say.

You & Obama should have....weeks ago....guided the country through repetitive speeches to assure the American public that the presidential elect win is FINAL. You both should have easily avoided plummeting to tabloid levels instead of slandering Trump to divide the country further than it already is. You both should have made it a final end-of-topic with a slam dunk statement, similar to this (improvise if you want yet I believe this covers all bases):

"I, collagen Clinton, state that Donald Trump will be President so all the fans that I duped, you need to get over it and deal with it because I now have no choice but to support him. Let's root for Trump and I'll man up. There will be no more blaming, shaming, name calling, snide comments from myself, Obama, Michelle or my minimum-wage campaign team. All whiny university brats that wanted a crying excuse out their mid-terms, get back to school and grow a pair. Not everyone's a winner.

On a positive note, I, in the meantime, will spend Xmas trying to shift that extra weight from my hips that I've obviously neglected to do for years, in preparation of my revolutionary spinal op."

Move On With Your Life - You're Just Adding Failure To Failure

Clinton:- Not only were you a disgrace during the campaign but you've now lost all credibility from whoring for media attention. This is sheer proof that your last 30 years resulted in you learning nothing about liability and not being the person that your voters wanted you to be. And more importantly, you just validated to every Trump voter that they made the right choice. Because who wants a winging, whining brat in the White House? Who wants a woman that is supported by the current first lady that puts 'hope' dissolution seeds in the public's minds and again, incites through sideline comments? Who wants a leader that cries & screams when she doesn't get her way, because if she was Madame President, then every deal that fell flat (most all I suspect based on your history) would absolutely guarantee she'd be the forever, official national spokesperson for Kleenex.

Shame on you Hillary, with your severely warped, childish and immature attitude. You didn't win - so support the one who did...and the country you're now just a civilian in. Yes, you're now just an average woman who was once a first lady. Move on, grow up and get a freaking grip. Oh, and start writing that new memoir, which I'm sure you've already got publishers giving you $$$ advances for already. Because your need to be forever in the spotlight through a life of deceit is more important than you being a decent citizen.You have conditioned yourself through the past three decades that it's obviously alien for you to be honest. Please cease the daily 'war room' meetings of Next Week's Fabricated Campaign' strategy. We've had enough of it.

A Final Look In The Seven Year Smashed Mirror

Hillary, without the constant obsession for media attention, who are you? Probably just a normal person now having no choice but to live a normal life with $250m of rigged cash in your marital bank account. How tragic that you may consider 'normal' as Plan B. Maybe you'll learn something:

Honesty and taking ownership are the best policy - have a go. 
It'll sting a bit at first but you'll finally get the hang of it. 

PS: Typos? Deal with it.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Meeting the Green Prince - Son of Hamas

Last night, I attended the Congregation Emanu-El shule (synagogue) for a screening of The Green Prince and a Q&A with Mosab Hassan Yousef. I'd read his book, Son of Hamas, a couple of years ago and found it riveting. As a huge fan of conspiracy theories and thrillers, I was absorbed with the extreme life this young man led for 10 years - as a traitor to the Arabs (the word Palestinian doesn't exist) in the West Bank, getting paid simultaneously by Shin Bet, the Palestinian Authorities, the US and Hamas while undercover to help Israelis from ongoing Hamas terrorism. The inner conflicts of what he experienced and consciously put himself through, well, it was on staggering levels.

Watching The Green Prince documentary bought back everything I'd remembered from the book - a decade of danger while he bounced between prison (approximately 27 months collective duration during this time), to the West Bank, Israel and finally fleeing to the US under the asylum umbrella disguised as a jaw surgery operation.

Not So Large As Life

Assuming every well known figurehead is larger than life (my average expectation is around 6'5") but seeing this near 5'6" slight build, petite individual on stage, I realized that height has absolutely no relevance to brain capacity - yet I was still shocked. This was a guy with cheek jowls and a solid 15lbs heavier in his early years (and in the movie). Now seeing him up close, the guy's face has experienced a further 10 years of extreme stress, gravity pulling results that made me feel he's sinking and shrinking into a puddle, vanishing until he's a blip.

Disappointing Responses

During the Q&A, I asked if he knew the percentage ratio of Arabs that are brainwashed by Hamas (and Pallywood media lies) versus the Arabs that I've seen on TV who are trying to fight back & want Israeli levels of freedom - but fear they will be persecuted for being traitors. I wanted to know ratios, facts, what increase of Arabs are sick & tired of the lies and are doing something about it for a new, positive movement forward. I needed data!

Following the same pattern of all audience questions, he fluffed with vague unscripted answers, reverting back to an angle focused on his own sense of self and true inner peace, reinforcing (to himself?) he now knows who he is. As an A-type eccentric, with a personality that demands I naturally dig deep into interrogation as my default, I was disappointed in the Q&A. I left the shule and bumped into a woman who had also attended. She liked my question and we thrashed the issues. She was right in her findings: Here lies a guy who was disowned by his family and religion, left to rot by Shin Bet and was now a global wanderer with little money, self confessed no home nor health insurance, no wife or children and branded as a traitor, shamed by his own people. He'd sold himself to the media by way of his book and movie, receiving glowing awards and reviews yet also under 'fact' suspicion by authorities.

The Push Me Pull You Factor

Mosab was now glued to his book & movie like a bad hip replacement. He was obviously aware of the risks he took in taking this media path, the death treats etc, yet simultaneously hoping to be compensated with the assurance of huge cash royalties so he could live the rest of his life as a monk. It was a fine line and dangerous risk that didn't pay off as expected.

I stated to her "I'm going to go back inside to tell him that he can't be on stage, reciting a great speech and then giving us fluff, lame answers to our questions. He needs to sever ties. Mosab must break free from the ongoing book & movie tour or he'll never move on with his life. The man needs to get a reality grip!" She told me that my strategy would bomb and wisely suggested I try a more sugar coated tactic. I can't sugar coat, never have and never will. But I decided I'd lay off so much vinegar in my rebuttal. I'm glad I met her - she could be my future, forever translator.

So I stuck to my guns and stomped back into the shule. Mosab was talking with a few VIP organizers and I impatiently waited until my time came. A woman told me I should wear lipstick, she said I had a great shaped mouth. I told her she has lipstick on her chin yet since she was pretty, no one would inform her and she needed to know more honest people like me. Wiping her chin, she asked if I was married. I confirmed I was happier by myself and relationships always made me feel claustrophobic. She said Mosab was also single and maybe... 

I shut the rest of her sentence dead. I weaved my way to the man in question:

"Mosab, why are you reliving the movie repeatedly through appearances and bringing up horrific memories, when it's obvious this is a conflict and makes it harder to move on with your life?"

He explained that he very rarely promotes the movie and can separate his new life from his past after the event is over. Finally, he confirmed he attended this evening's event because he needs the cash. A simple statement. I stared him right in the eye during his answer and towards the end, he broke the contact by looking away. I don't understand how 'eyes are the windows to the soul' concept - I look for facial expressions yet I found none in him. His mannerisms and speech were like a machine.

I surprised Mosab by giving him a hug and whispering to him that he's amazing & important. And he must always remember that. He felt cold, small and shell-like barren. The white light energy he expressed on stage was absolutely not in his body yet there was a minuscule percentage of peace. Most importantly, he felt separate, disconnected and his protective shield was unbreakable. This was a guy desperately trying to find his white light and striving hard to achieve it but the barriers had locked him in. I wanted to wrap him up, take him home and spoon feed him soup until the bowl of defibrillator jolted him back to life. He had a chronic case of reverse Locked In Syndrome.

Making Your Own Responsible Bed

His choice driven nightmare reminded me of Edward Snowden: both selling themselves out for believing they did the right thing and then living a life of backlash. Both made choices, both will forever live the consequences and both confirm they've absolutely taken responsibility for their actions. The difference is that Snowden has a powerful team in the background, supporting him through intelligence and heavy security. Mosab has no one. He trusts not a sole aside his ex Shin Bet handler (Gonen Ben-Itzhak) whom he confirmed they speak weekly on the phone. He most likely will never trust again. Shin Bet can't support him as it will disclose critical information that could put Israel at risk, and he's a wanted man by Hamas. He's isolated and walking the Earth, one prayer and meditation at a time.

Entertain The Ignorant

After the movie ended and before I returned to talk to Mosab, I asked a guy sat next to me what he thought about the film and if he'd read the book. He said he'd never read the book and felt the movie was boring. He stated that there was no action, not enough visuals and too much talking. I reminded him that it wasn't designed to be a blockbuster Dwayne Johnson movie. I explained there were obvious video footage restrictions, red tape & censorship issues - hence the lack of 'action' - and maybe he should stop presuming that not everyone on this planet's sole purpose is to entertain him.

The Lost Tragic Soul

Mosab is now wandering once again and has no home nor stability, trying to keep his head above water and hoping & believing that his inner light will guide the way. I pray that guide leads to a magical door that truly gives him the peace he's working towards.

Because from what I saw last night, he deserves it more than anyone I've ever met.