Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stockholm Syndrome Rears Its Head At Uber

Uber repulses me in every sense - it has done since day one with their 'we'll overcharge and rape you' business:

Verbally abusive culture
Insane, greed and arrogance
Sickening surge pricing abuse during dire & terrorist related incidents
Bringing nearly 50k more drivers to San Fran that don't yield to pedestrians and the #1 cause of accidents and deaths at 64% (rest of the country is average 14%)
The bulldozing James Bond type villain's repulsive 'I must rule the world at every cost to man, woman, child' mentally disturbing mind set
Minor screening on drivers & absolving when multi rogue drivers kill, attack and rape
Threatening & harassing media and their families (including children)
Illegal activities
Spying on corporations and consumers (including post app removing)
IP infringement
Burning millions of $ a week in the strive for world domination (how many poor mouths could this have fed, how many homeless could have a roof over their head, did even an inch go back into supporting at least SF's Tenderloin district that stinks of urine worse than ever - right by Uber's HQ etc)

All kudos to a founder who's horrifying obsession with deep pockets & ultimate power is more important than having one single cell of ethics. He'll one day get to the end of his life and it'll be too late to rectify how repulsive he is. He's a deeply disturbing individual. I talked with his ex girlfriend once on the street when our dogs stopped to sniff each other's anus. I made it clear through sheer aura energy, that he disgusted me. The more she and I talked about international dog quarantine rules/regulations, the more he started to tip toe away from me. I use my 'clear the stench' unspoken signals on people that abhor me - similar to a skunk pre spray. They subconsciously move away from me, they're not sure why. The more she/I talked, the more he made distance and it was crystal that he was uncomfortable.

So today I read about a petition signed by 1,100 of the 14k employees that are crying for his return. This comes under Stockholm Syndrome levels of sick and twisted brainwashing. I'm sure he's loving the attention, his minions screaming for their leader who's aura's he sucked the life out of. They thought he was empowering him, but the petition clearly confirms he was bleeding them dry and now they're lost souls. I don't doubt he's already rallying toy soldiers to whisper his support to the media and anyone that'll listen. The aggressor will try to turn the tables into the victim - even more twisted. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't set the whispering petition ball rolling idea himself. He's their safety net for continuing the above list because without him, they're abandoned. They can't run the gauntlet because a new teacher is going to come on board, and all these Uber school kids will have to clean up their act. Most are so brainwashed, they don't know now right from wrong, hence this petition. I assume 50% don't even know what job to do as theirs were based on the list. And that list just got thrown out the window.

I absolutely blame the board and investors that did nothing for years about that list - they all turned a blind eye when valuations increased dramatically. Because they're also solely greed & money focused. But when the s**t hit the fan with Susan Fowler's blog (good woman!), it opened a different can of worms and the VC's (and board) had serious public egg on their face. He's their scapegoat though, firing him by example so they can pretend to breathe easier that they did the right thing. So now his little soldiers are wandering in the Uber desert and have no violent leader to protect and encourage them.

Only an evil person can create an evil company and bring out the evil in his employees, driving them to do bad. The whole company needs to go to rehab. The founder? Well, he'll always have evil in his DNA because he knows no different.

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