Thursday, August 10, 2017

My Muppet Earned Her Wings 15 Years Ago

Happy birthday to my gorgeous Muppet who turns 15 years old today. We've been together 14 years and 9 months...and I only recently saw that the white fur on the back of her neck were wings. I scrunch that neck with hugs, multiple times a day. Who knew that the most obvious sign she's my guardian angel, went unnoticed for 1.5 decades? The symbol was always there - I can't believe I never saw it. Occasionally I am one can short of a six pack but this was an odd one to not notice, since I'm always extremely aware of signs, messages and numbers that come my way. When I ask for a sign, I always get it. When I ask a question before I go to sleep, the message always comes through in my dreams. How I never noticed her angel wings is just plain odd.

I'm currently pounding through all the James Van Praagh books and so this post I wrote in May is absolutely spot on. What I wrote made sense but I didn't have the evidence to prove it until I read his books. There's a reason for every step we go through in life, including Mups and I colliding way back in 2002 - when I went for a walk and came home with a spaniel. She's been with me through some horrible times; when I've experienced psychic attacks and invaded by negative people (low level entities). Mups and I are eternally bonded by something that goes back many reincarnations which is why she's recently helped me clear myself from the repulsives. 

Maybe she was my mum, seven lifetimes ago. Possibly we were married or she was my brother two centuries past. I may have been a tree and she was a donkey, piddling on me in Portugal. Seventy lives ago she may have been a block of cheese and I was a loaf of bread. Either way, we've always been together in previous lives because we're soul-intertwined. The split second we locked eyes nearly 15 years ago, she bounced over to me and the first message that came into my head from her was "C'mon, let's go home! I've been waiting three months for you to show up. Move it!!" I'll never forget that. This wasn't a puppy just happy to have a home, this was a fluffy monkey that was making it crystal clear we were joined together once again.  

When she one day goes, she'll still remain besides me, protecting me until we're physically united again. She'll only leave this life when she knows I'm fine - and it'll happen quickly. I know she'll be bouncy, healthy and happy like she is now (way more than the average 15 year old) and then in a snap, she'll pass away. The vet will say it was an unusual situation he's never heard of before. Then when I go, she'll be the one to greet me and we'll start the process once more with new earth adventures. I always asked Mups if she looked after me or I looked after her - now I know. After I saw her wings, three nights I asked to be shown my guardian angel in a dream. All three times, Muppet was in them. One dream, she piddled three times. Urine is a symbol of release. She managed to magnify this message by pissing torrents, all over the kitchen floor, on rugs and flooding the hall. I wasn't mad at her - I just had no idea she had such a big bladder. 

We're smitten with each other and it's an ongoing love affair. Today, she gets extra chicken for being my forever gate keeper. If you have a pet, then adore it. If you see a pet on the street, hug it. If you come across an animal along the way, give it affection. They know things we don't - so never assume we're the more intelligent ones. Because we're not and we never will be. We should all aspire to be an animal in a future life. They know things we never will because they're wiser, even when they slip in their own shit, need poo pulling off their bum or eat a whole slipper. It's just an act so they can pretend they're stupid. Don't ever be fooled :)

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