Friday, August 11, 2017

Women Should be Charged 20% Less for Everything

Wouldn't it be lovely if single business charged women 20% less than men - to accommodate gender pay gaps? Restaurants, stores, service providers and the list is endless...

If women are paid 80% of what men make, females should be paying 80% of published prices everywhere. Just a simple, logical thought. It'd be nice to go to a restaurant and pay the women's price, take a flight at 20% discount versus the guy sat next to them or join a gym and enjoy that reduced monthly fee. If females earn less for the exact same role as men, this should be reflected in every aspect of our lives and everything we purchase.

There's no such word as feminism - I replaced it a long time ago with: standard. If you believe there needs to be a word to describe logic and equality, you're missing a chip. Unless it's stuck on your shoulder :)

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