Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Try Find Israel on the Map

You really have to zoom in, possibly grab binoculars or even +4 reading glasses. If you're checking this from your phone, you may have a better viewing chance of enlarging to find the needle in the haystack. But no guarantees. It'll be a miracle if you spot it. Then again, us Jews love our miracles because we experience them regularly - an assurance that we're always protected by someone hovering up above (those natural disasters really come at unique times). Maybe that someone sat is on a cloud, chatting with Moses, surrounded by animated bluebirds, cartoon deer and a couple of unusually miniature pixies eating marshmallows.

Israel's the only democracy in the Middle East with 20% Arabs and 4% minorities - all enjoying freedom of speech, religion, LGBT, female empowerment and brilliant burkas on the beach (France, take note). We have 3000 years of history tied to Israel - it's a fact. Also account our property agreement statistics: Arabs sold land to Jews at over-inflated prices in the early part of the last century, because they couldn't turn the desert into anything productive, not even grow an innocent little daisy. The Jews bought the land at these accelerated costs and hey-ho, an oasis of agriculture was born. It just took a few green fingers, tenacity and brain cells. No wonder the Arabs in Gaza & West Bank want to claim the blossoming land of Israel, now the grafting has been done. Most likely because Jordan and Egypt repeatedly reject these Arabs so they have to make up twaddle to try validate something...anything. Quite mathematically impossible since the Koran has no reference to Jerusalem and the Arabs have only been in existence for 1600'ish years....and the word (repeating myself like a broken record) 'Palestinian' was only coined in the latter part of the last century.

So the next time you want to boycott Israeli/Jewish products, remember you're jeopardizing these Arabs and minorities livelihoods also. And while you're at it, quit using Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, drip irrigation, stop flushing the toilet, don't use voicemail and the list goes on. If you don't, you're a hypocrite. Boycotting cherry tomatoes will absolutely not affect Israel's economy. Trust me on this. BDS is pure BS, used by narrow minded individuals who read trash, bias false media.

My Wish List

Hamas and Abbas are disbanded and the Arabs in the West Bank & Gaza come under Israeli government rule. 'Palestinian' is a recently made up word - they should be proud to be called Arabs so lets stick to facts. Palestine was a region - it was never a country. That country was always called Israel. They're intelligent people yet are 'conditioned' aka brainwashed with hate from birth and it's in their DNA to blame Jews for all their self inflicted errors. So under Israel's umbrella, they'll be educated on history + facts, enjoy all the freedom that Israelis and Israeli Arabs experience and learn that martyrdom is simply a fear tactic of Hamas and Abbas to incite violence until all Jews are destroyed. Nothing more, nothing less and absolutely not for peace. But 2000 years later, us Jews don't seem to die - it must be so irritating for the haters. I feel bad for these Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank. I want them to have great, positive lives and achieve amazing world-empowering feats working alongside Israelis. Every time I see a window poster, a social media incitement reference to 'Free Palestine,' I sing unnaturally loudly:

Free Free Palestine...from Abbas & Hamas!
Free Free Palestine...from Abbas & Hamas!
Free Free Palestine...from Abbas & Hamas!

And Palestine never existed. 
Stick to historic facts and stop trying to twist it.

Which is why the UN & UNESCO are now a bias, anti-semitic laughing stock - using the majority of uneducated 'representative' mind sets to try eliminate ties with the Jews birth home, one landmark at a time. Stupid is as stupid does and stupid usually gets you a kick up the rear one day.

Gifts for the Uneducated

One day, I'll send the UN and UNESCO chicken soup, chopped liver and barrels of bagels - every Jewish holiday. I'll substitute bagels with matzoh for Pesach and a massive box of nothing for Yom Kippur. That box of nothing will be in abundance. It'll be the biggest, emptiest Magen David designed box wrapped in a white and blue bow. The type of bow that they use on cars as birthday presents or Lifetime movie romcoms. That type.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Irony: Venture Capitalists Killed Silicon Valley Innovation

I wrote extensively (volume four of my autobiography) in Living Off The Irony, how innovation has been killed in the Bay VC's and angels who only invest in pattern clusters. I covered this exhaustively, living and breathing the bias for years. The thing is - the moment you see a trend in types of investments made, these 'rules' absolutely sever innovation. These are the rules:

Male 20'somethings who have zero expertise in their field, no (or a shoddy) business model, all tech backgrounds with zero business skills, copying a proven model. The result:

Rules + same investment pattern = kills innovative, unique entrepreneurs chances

So reading this recent article I’m done pretending that Silicon Valley tech is visionary is also a near replica of what I published last year. I've read some comments about this article, stating it's the same crap that everyone knows. But if that's the case, isn't it about time the VC's and angels read it? They should be realizing they are absolutely the problem, causing articles like this to be written

By viewing the trends and patterns of the rules in funding, this factually validates investors have clamped down on backing creative entrepreneurs over the past 10 years. The die hards (like myself), that live, breathe and love their business for years through the worst times - and refuse to give up. They are relentless, they see something these lame investors intentionally ignore and they're chomping at the bit for funding and support - searching for that one person needle-in-a-haystack that sees what they see so they can justifiably bloom.

But they're axed because they have experience, they have a good business model, their invention is unique, they're a minority, they're around four decades old and they piss off investors because they don't fit into the 'who we will fund' rule book bible. They're told 'you're a genius,' 'your business is off the charts,' 'why has no one ever invented this before' and then you get a rejection email. Because you don't fit the rule criteria, regardless of the praise.

Investors are the sole reason innovation is lacking. They are funding the same type of kids, they refuse to listen to anyone with a sense of experience and they are blinkered. They slam the door on anyone with clout that actually has a viable model with monotonous insinuations such as 'it's a hard market to capitalize' or 'the barrier to entry is high.' Yet they then fund kids who are creating copycats of proven businesses and ignore the same questioning. Because if you fit into the rule bible, those issues are irrelevant.

Rattling the Blinkered Cages

Investors block the true entrepreneurs as it unhinges them - we don't fit into their mold. But isn't that the idea? The ones that are potentially insane in their mad, genius ideas are the ones that should be funded. The ones that make investors skin crawl, are the ones that investors should gravitate towards - because that means investors are outside their comfort zone. And that's what innovation is about.

Investors should ALWAYS feel unhinged so that they evolve simultaneously with the market. Ironically, they're stuck in a 70's time warp, demanding innovation yet refusing to change their own ways or expand their thought process.

Aside investors funding the kids, they're creating millionaires overnight that are ousting the quirky in San Francisco that used to be notorious for breeding creativity, I'm now finding it very hard to live in this city. I'm surrounded by beige people, ones that investors have grown like mediocre, unimaginative weeds. There are few original flowers left in San Francisco. I'm one of them and it's now a wilting process.

And I purely blame investors for encouraging the weeds as both lack color, originality and spread at a rate of knots. That's what San Francisco has become. It's not the mecca of innovation - the weeds are now out of control. Weeds look, speak and act the same, lacking originality yet feeding off each other's insignificant next blah unimaginative excuse for an idea. They are irritating impostors and when fed with funding, they spread to more of the same.

I just hope and pray that real inventors, like me, do find the 'it just takes one' investor or partner. Then I will absolutely make a point to get the lawnmower out and kill off those weeds and kick the investors up the backside into real world 2016. I have an unlimited supply of factually blunt acid in my DNA.

We need more innovative flowers. But until the investors get their heads out their narrow minded behinds, I'll just sit back and watch the over-inflated valuations rise, the investors losing cash as a result of yet another failed deal, and running around in literal circles trying to work out why they're stuck. I'll remember that nature always takes its course.

The flowers will one day up rise again as they're forever stronger than weeds...and San Francisco will then be that glorious, mad hub of unusual misfits that innovation adores and is crying out for.

PS: Any typos etc - get over yourself.