Wednesday, November 22, 2017

VC's Are Missing A LinkedIn Chip...

In the past week alone, I've received a flurry of LinkedIn invitations from well known tech industry men. I don't connect with people I don't know (why should anyone?!) and state this clearly on my profile. Every so often, I purge and disconnect old contacts because I'm all about the quality versus the 500+ quantity. This is aside the constant requests from people I have never heard of, that work in professions I can't even pronounce. Sorry, Mary from Wisconsin who is a neurological (big word) director or Boston based Jeff that's an electrical (two bigger words with only one vowel).

Disconnect, Reconnect, Disconnect

Going back to the tech requests, one of the newest ones was a past LinkedIn connection. I disconnected with him a few months back when he didn't reply to a couple of messages I sent, directly related to a feature he was interviewed in. I also messaged the other tech bods with either a 'do we know each other.' I later saw the messages were read but it resulted in white noise nada responses. Another was from way, way, way back in the prior decade when his VC firm was very interested in my start-up. Even though my company was an ideal fit for their portfolio (their words, not mine) and they thought my business was sheer genius (their words, not mine), they declined to invest with zero valid reasons. Typical Sand Hill Road beige emails at its highest. So when this individual sent a LinkedIn invite recently, I messaged him with a 'why?' I saw he read the message but as with the others, he hid in his safe shell in the dark cupboard under the stairs rubbing crackers into his head. These examples, and multiple more of the same variations, are still classed as pending invites. LinkedIn occasionally reminds me to check them with a 'hey, you never know.' I delete those emails because I do know. I know the pattern very well and it's dull, it's non-confrontational hyperbole, a road well travelled by minions, and yes I still write English English with two l's.

Speaking to a Brick Wall

If someone wants to connect with me, then at least have the balls to send a response.This LinkedIn rapport is typical way men in the tech world fail to interact, because anything more than surface chat freaks them out something chronic. I've seen this for over seven years and it deserves a book written about this sole topic. I'd not buy it but I'd certainly get it from the a few years.

Most of these men are regularly Q&A featured in articles about how they're frustrated with the lack of unique innovation and craving to support the next Zuckerberg. Maybe they should check their LinkedIn messages or better yet, their work emails on new pitches. Just a nano thought.

Yet these are the exact same people that, when the idea is slammed in their face, turn a blind eye. So I can only assume that these articles are for their self publicity and they genuinely will crap themselves when they are confronted with pure inventions. Which is why they don't respond to me.

So this Thanksgiving, I give thanks to myself for never backing down and being part of their 'communication'less connections.' I don't do small talk, I don't do fluff chats and I certainly don't connect with people that are mentally & physically unable to spend half a minute in responding.

Happy Thanksgiving! Let the narcolepsy hugs begin, directly followed by the stampedes...

Friday, October 13, 2017

Weinstein's Drive was Retribution, not Power

With the media frenzy on Harvey Weinstein over the past eight days, I started to dig deeper into why he lived this destructive pattern of demolishing women & ball busting deals. To be a serial harasser and abuser means his focus wasn't power nor a mental illness but based on a past life retribution. He had to destroy all the women (or symbol of) he believed destroyed him previously.

Now call me odd but take into account at least two sites I've read, both confirm strong characteristics of what Mr W shows signs of. Since he's 
Virgo South Node & Pisces North Node (also here - I love this astrologer but the site may close shortly so download that page), the other shoe drops. Why would someone with so many achievements initiate such horrific, continuous attacks against women. He's not an idiot so he knows his actions were a ticking time bomb, and he can only threaten media to shut down negative articles for so long. His subconscious knows he'll get caught out...and he was. And it blew spectacularly in his face. It may take him a while to get down from his egomaniac high to realize exactly what he's done, especially with his double birdie photo yesterday (still disillusioned that he is G-d and how dare humans defy him). He believes it's an 'industry' thing and everyone does it...he just wanted to do it bigger and more forcefully. 

His South Node Anger Was His Ammunition & Engine

Before we reincarnate, we assess our past lives and create challenges for our next life to learn and evolve. Some of us achieve these with stunning, positive results. Others are livid with the south node life, which doesn't give the north node breathing room to fulfill this correct life path destiny. 

In this case, Harvey shows classic combos of south node traits that he refused to deal with productively, instead using this life as a platform to bulldoze with one intention: revenge.

1. His past life was controlled through stifling, slavery type belittlement & unappreciated structure. Hence why he broke every ethic book rule in this life, regardless of the costs to him and others. 
2. He created destructive patterns, unconsciously aware they were wrong but consciously, he couldn't stop his south node from getting vengeance i.e. creating his own version of freedom through initiated demolition on others.
3. He had a past life in the acting industry but was an underdog. This life, he was screaming for everyone to know he was boss. Maybe an original desire to be an actor wasn't on the cards, but he certainly set out to control the industry, unfortunately with abuse i.e. the bullied becomes the bully.
4. He demanded respect through abusing his industry power, maybe towards the same women who had abused him in a past life. We make a point to connect with people in our past lives, to fulfill a karmic (good or bad) duty. Instead of him taking the high road by not circling an 'abuse them back' pattern, he couldn't stop himself so initiated unstoppable, repetitive payback. 
5. His past life states he had sexual problems, deprived of intimacy or battered. Which makes sense in this life; he wanted to stamp on them as they'd stamped on or ignored him previously. 
6. Being a clever strategist, he picked at everything, but was so involved in fixing everyone as projects he lost perspective. His strategy turned from producing, to controlling and annihilating.

If you believe the above is absolute baloney, check your own North/South node and then see your patterns, validating my post. 

Where Harvey Goes From Here Is A New Path 180

He catastrophically failed to address past life limitations and deal with this life-challenge correctly (reinforcing, the life Harvey created). The past was too much of a thorn, resulting in his trailblazing payback actions. How he moves forward now is personally hand writing a letter to every single woman he damaged and not publicize this, or no one would believe his remorseful, apologetic intent. A return to the big or small screen industry will never suffice, regardless of the stragglers that half heartedly give him a shoulder. Americans love the this case, no one trusts him as he created a role and acted it out until it exploded in his face. The double rejection of a 'revival' campaign will result in his suicide. A movie or book about him? If anyone dared sign a contract with him, they'd never work in Tinseltown or publishing again.

He should permanently veer out the limelight and pursue more meaningful roles - helping abused kids with creative education, being the engine behind the voice of battered individuals, the brains behind the scenes in the art arena (the silent force that no one ever sees). He can't have the spotlight any more because he self destroyed that privilege. He must help others with humanitarian feats, feats that will also heal him while using his brain for good. 

If he doesn't venture into North Node Pisces, his next life will be a repetitive challenge of this, with a higher wall to climb. But the attackers will have multiplied. Because life does go full circle. 

NB: Any typos or grammatical errors, don't be a nitpicker. Also read all the James Van Praagh books - they answer a tremendous amount of Q&A's related to this post.

Monday, September 4, 2017

I've Einstein Syndrome - Who Knew?

It's a bit of a long post since there are whodunnits, twists, turns and very Cluedo type:

I didn't start speaking until I was after four years old, no later than five. Mum said I didn't 'bother speaking,' not I 'couldn't speak.' Quite apt for me! My parents sent me to elocution classes to encourage me to speak. Mum and dad thought I may have hearing problems but I didn't. I just didn't want to talk because I have verbal dyslexia: letters came out back to front, words were in the wrong order and everyone laughed at me. So I thought, bugger them, I'll just not talk if they don't want to understand what I'm saying. I wasn't upset or disturbed - I was more judgemental of their limitations. During elocution, I had a breakthrough and that's where the verbal diarrhea unleashed...and it's not stopped since, including the profanities. I really do love swearing - it's completely misunderstood and underrated.

The reason for my Einstein Syndrome (ES) is because my brain is going too fast for my mouth to express into words. I'm a crap handwriter for the same reason - I write like a permanently drunk spider's shat on paper. Everything is too slow for my brain and it drives me potty sometimes! So when I was little, not only did I have this verbal dyslexia but the non dyslexia sentences were injected with synesthesia, causing more ridicule from others. I simply decided not to talk.

Only 14% of females have ES. People with this 'affliction' have similar traits. Here are a few I'm spot on with: stubborn, social disinterest, analytical and forever curious (PC way of saying 'demanding and exhausting'), exceptionally intelligent and bright, strong willed temperament - marching to the beat of their own drum and frustrated with restrictions (school and life) believing it stifles creativity and freedom of expression. That last one is magic: EVERY single time at school when a teacher asked the kids a question, I was always told my answer was wrong. No, the teachers limited their brain, refusing to let me explain that every question had two split answers. I was in the 1% that saw this alternative answer but was shot down before I could provide my theory. School drove me nuts so I stopped putting my hand up to answer.

What I'm not on par with is that parents of ES kids are in an analytical field (maths, accounting, engineering, physics and music) with post grad degrees. Also ES kids are additionally strong in maths (I was beyond crap), musical (yes but not good), and great at doing puzzles (reasonably OK but I get irritated - I need answers). ES kids have extremely good memories - only for random specifics I care about but not a consistent pattern. Now onto the gritty, Cluedo stuff:

Related But Not Related Topic 

In the 16Personalities - I have ENTJ and this is rare for women - only 1.5% of the global female population have this. I've also been seeing symbols on my foggy glass kitchen table. The past few months, the words and numbers have been changing (so if you break into my home to check the table, you'll not understand the codes). Last week I finally cracked the sequence and knew who I was in a past life a few hundred years ago. The name came into my head, randomly, and that same evening in the supermarket, I looked up and saw the same name on the shelf. I know when I'm getting a sign versus what you would call coincidence - I'm getting to be good at seeing them. I researched obsessively and saw incredible, unusual characteristics between us. Even specific, uncommon words about this person are words people have described me as. This person was Leo North Node while I'm Leo South Node and Aquarius North Node, so this individual has handed me a massive baton passing task for disastrous antics they/I caused...that I need to address. I wanted to know who I was, not because of glory, but to see exactly what I'd achieved and what I'd botched up on - so I could fix it in this life.

Today, I believe I also cracked the second sequence of who I was in a more recent life from the same kitchen table codes. I've been thinking about this second person recently and we, again, share highly unusual characteristics. I'll either have a dream or receive an additional non-table sign, to confirm if I'm right. If so, I now see the patterns clearly: the first person's karma was addressed in the second reincarnation. The second included same pattern flaws yet on a diluted level (this person was Aquarius North Node but missed one critical beat). I came into this life with these flaws positively reversed (well done me) but now need to fix the second person's series of errors, while combining the same good qualities and characteristics of my prior two lives: all three of us share one, huge, undisputed common thread which categorically makes sense now about why I am how I am, and why my brain works differently. I now need to use the Aquarius North Node mindset, which is a complete pain in the backside because it goes against my personality: Aries with Aries rising and full blown eccentric (the latter quite common for Aquarius in general so credit where credit's due).

Every time I revert Leo South (a familiar pattern), I jump or clap to reset myself, so I become more conscious about needing to be more Aquarius North. It's a tricky one but I'm getting there.

Either way, I'm ecstatic I've connected the dots because so much confusion in this life is now answered, it's all crystal clear and now I know exactly what I need to do and more importantly: why.

Between my nodes, ES, ENTJ, kitchen table, spirit clues/symbols and still belting through my James Van Praagh books - it's been a fascinating couple of weeks.

Finally: San Francisco is heatwave free, it's spitting rain and Muppet is taking her fourth power nap.