Friday, August 18, 2017

Hating Breeds Hatred

The past 48 hours have been ridiculous, saddening and truly futile. Terrorism, violence, bias news, misleading reporting, antagonizing the public...causing the public to hate, scream and rant social media venom. It needs to stop.

On home turf, you may not like what Trump is doing. You may want to shriek at the top of your lungs, but for every person doing this, others are now seeing it as white noise. So what you're actually achieving is preaching to the same political view choir, because the rest of us are tuning you out. I'm getting multiple messages, texts etc from people sending hyperbole Pallywood-type fake news, trying to argue their fear-intention political point. I've shut you all out (like others) who don't take you seriously because you didn't read the facts. Also learn to LISTEN, instead of aggressively retaliating. One sided rants do not make for an intelligent person. They make you narrow minded.

When people don't talk rationally and respect other views, nothing is achieved. This not only goes for the public but the politicians who's sole feat is not to better the country, but only focus on two words: opposition and resist. Regardless of whether the topic in question is logical and benefits the U.S., they absolutely refuse to weigh up the pros and cons. All they know to do is attack and since January, this has been a continuous pattern. It's known as operating on a level of 'conditioning' that terrorists, Scientologists and cults use to recruit troops through fear. Others call it self brainwashing. I call it lunacy and spite, because your gal didn't win. Being a gracious loser and working with the other side always benefits the nation. But one party is forever resisting and their ego-driven self importance has taken priority over the public's interest. Their need to default oppose is more important than the citizens well being. That's shameful.

We're hitting a huge solar eclipse and it makes sense the tensions are blowing through the roof. So I'm going to meditate even more, focus on white lights for everyone and let's hope that all get a grip. Because if not, the only destruction you're going achieve is the self-type and possibly give yourself an infection from stress. Which will result in kidney stones - and I've heard they're the worst.

Breathe, count to ten and repeat continuously until Monday morning!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

This Must've Been Written for Me!

Can't stop laughing...this guy is spot on. I just messaged him that I'm also date/time stamping it for evidence. I may need to refer back to it one day :D

Friday, August 11, 2017

Women Should be Charged 20% Less for Everything

Wouldn't it be lovely if single business charged women 20% less than men - to accommodate gender pay gaps? Restaurants, stores, service providers and the list is endless...

If women are paid 80% of what men make, females should be paying 80% of published prices everywhere. Just a simple, logical thought. It'd be nice to go to a restaurant and pay the women's price, take a flight at 20% discount versus the guy sat next to them or join a gym and enjoy that reduced monthly fee. If females earn less for the exact same role as men, this should be reflected in every aspect of our lives and everything we purchase.

There's no such word as feminism - I replaced it a long time ago with: standard. If you believe there needs to be a word to describe logic and equality, you're missing a chip. Unless it's stuck on your shoulder :)