Monday, September 4, 2017

I've Einstein Syndrome - Who Knew?

It's a bit of a long post since there are whodunnits, twists, turns and very Cluedo type:

I didn't start speaking until I was after four years old, no later than five. Mum said I didn't 'bother speaking,' not I 'couldn't speak.' Quite apt for me! My parents sent me to elocution classes to encourage me to speak. Mum and dad thought I may have hearing problems but I didn't. I just didn't want to talk because I have verbal dyslexia: letters came out back to front, words were in the wrong order and everyone laughed at me. So I thought, bugger them, I'll just not talk if they don't want to understand what I'm saying. I wasn't upset or disturbed - I was more judgemental of their limitations. During elocution, I had a breakthrough and that's where the verbal diarrhea unleashed...and it's not stopped since, including the profanities. I really do love swearing - it's completely misunderstood and underrated.

The reason for my Einstein Syndrome (ES) is because my brain is going too fast for my mouth to express into words. I'm a crap handwriter for the same reason - I write like a permanently drunk spider's shat on paper. Everything is too slow for my brain and it drives me potty sometimes! So when I was little, not only did I have this verbal dyslexia but the non dyslexia sentences were injected with synesthesia, causing more ridicule from others. I simply decided not to talk.

Only 14% of females have ES. People with this 'affliction' have similar traits. Here are a few I'm spot on with: stubborn, social disinterest, analytical and forever curious (PC way of saying 'demanding and exhausting'), exceptionally intelligent and bright, strong willed temperament - marching to the beat of their own drum and frustrated with restrictions (school and life) believing it stifles creativity and freedom of expression. That last one is magic: EVERY single time at school when a teacher asked the kids a question, I was always told my answer was wrong. No, the teachers limited their brain, refusing to let me explain that every question had two split answers. I was in the 1% that saw this alternative answer but was shot down before I could provide my theory. School drove me nuts so I stopped putting my hand up to answer.

What I'm not on par with is that parents of ES kids are in an analytical field (maths, accounting, engineering, physics and music) with post grad degrees. Also ES kids are additionally strong in maths (I was beyond crap), musical (yes but not good), and great at doing puzzles (reasonably OK but I get irritated - I need answers). ES kids have extremely good memories - only for random specifics I care about but not a consistent pattern. Now onto the gritty, Cluedo stuff:

Related But Not Related Topic 

In the 16Personalities - I have ENTJ and this is rare for women - only 1.5% of the global female population have this. I've also been seeing symbols on my foggy glass kitchen table. The past few months, the words and numbers have been changing (so if you break into my home to check the table, you'll not understand the codes). Last week I finally cracked the sequence and knew who I was in a past life a few hundred years ago. The name came into my head, randomly, and that same evening in the supermarket, I looked up and saw the same name on the shelf. I know when I'm getting a sign versus what you would call coincidence - I'm getting to be good at seeing them. I researched obsessively and saw incredible, unusual characteristics between us. Even specific, uncommon words about this person are words people have described me as. This person was Leo North Node while I'm Leo South Node and Aquarius North Node, so this individual has handed me a massive baton passing task for disastrous antics they/I caused...that I need to address. I wanted to know who I was, not because of glory, but to see exactly what I'd achieved and what I'd botched up on - so I could fix it in this life.

Today, I believe I also cracked the second sequence of who I was in a more recent life from the same kitchen table codes. I've been thinking about this second person recently and we, again, share highly unusual characteristics. I'll either have a dream or receive an additional non-table sign, to confirm if I'm right. If so, I now see the patterns clearly: the first person's karma was addressed in the second reincarnation. The second included same pattern flaws yet on a diluted level (this person was Aquarius North Node but missed one critical beat). I came into this life with these flaws positively reversed (well done me) but now need to fix the second person's series of errors, while combining the same good qualities and characteristics of my prior two lives: all three of us share one, huge, undisputed common thread which categorically makes sense now about why I am how I am, and why my brain works differently. I now need to use the Aquarius North Node mindset, which is a complete pain in the backside because it goes against my personality: Aries with Aries rising and full blown eccentric (the latter quite common for Aquarius in general so credit where credit's due).

Every time I revert Leo South (a familiar pattern), I jump or clap to reset myself, so I become more conscious about needing to be more Aquarius North. It's a tricky one but I'm getting there.

Either way, I'm ecstatic I've connected the dots because so much confusion in this life is now answered, it's all crystal clear and now I know exactly what I need to do and more importantly: why.

Between my nodes, ES, ENTJ, kitchen table, spirit clues/symbols and still belting through my James Van Praagh books - it's been a fascinating couple of weeks.

Finally: San Francisco is heatwave free, it's spitting rain and Muppet is taking her fourth power nap.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

This is Why We Look Rubbish in the Morning

I've been reading all of James Van Praagh's books recently because I know there are other worlds I've lived in and this one doesn't fit me well. I'm trying to understand why the heck I'm here with all of you slower folks. During last week's eclipse, I saw an astrology status by Michael Lutin regarding North Nodes. I'd never heard of these so ran a quick Google search. The quick search turned into reading up to page 10 of my North Nodes: Leo South Node and Aquarius North Node. I personally adore this one by Alice Loffredo. The other shoe finally dropped - I knew exactly why I was spending this life intertwined with conflicts, bizarre incidents and how my unusual brain was wired to deal with them. I've a brilliant brain with genius ideas - but I'm a bit too much for everyone else on this planet so there lies a situation I could never fully grasp until now. If you've read my autobiography, Living of the Irony, you know I have dreams every night. Some bring me incredible messages, spirit signs, assurances and innovations.

Which Leads To Why We Look Awful After Sleeping... 

Today, I finally realized why some of us look like a bus has slapped us sideways into a muddy field when we wake up. It's because our souls take a separate trip while our bodies shut down to sleep. Since my soul works at the speed of light, resulting in 2-3 dreams a night (every night since childhood or prior), I'm amazed I don't resemble a post-tornado-meets-avalanche when I wake up.

Think of it this way: If you believe you look pristine before you sleep and then climb Everest, imagine how disheveled you look when you reach the first peak? That's rapid soul dream one. Now imagine climbing higher against harsh weather that batters you in all directions to get to the next cliff. This is rapid soul dream two. By now you're not a pretty picture, probably eaten a few bugs and slipped in yellow snow. I'm an excessive overachiever that thinks and operates at levels so fast, I'm one of the few that climbs to the highest peak most nights (my peak is not anyone else's though). The higher the peak, the rougher the terrain but the bigger the spirit signs, ideas and messages I receive.

Which is why I sometimes wake up looking like I've been guinea pig tested on a new type of weather storm but forgot how to navigate around the system. I pound through the night at supersonic speeds, lucid matching dream three with one, or one and two, while trying to ask a mountain goat for directions through telepathy. I should bring him an apple when I see him next. He's a bit cantankerous but aren't we all, when someone repeatedly asks for directions. It's all part of my Leo meets Aquarius with my Aries (and Aries rising) eccentric personality that refuses to give me a night off, always craving more and never settling for the basics. Because I may look and act like the village idiot in your eyes, but it's a ploy to appease the rest of you. I know things you'll never know. And I know you know that.

So every night you sleep, if you wake up minus dreams, you're going to look reasonably OK. I personally prefer to aspire in looking horrific each morning. Because that means I let my soul travel on extra horse power using full throttle cylinder capacity. Something I'm extremely proud of. It'll not only ensure my inventions come to light, helping to make this world better, but each sleep gets me nearer in maneuvering my GPS Aquarius you all get the star treatment and credit. Because this time, it's all about you, not me :)

Friday, August 18, 2017

Hating Breeds Hatred

The past 48 hours have been ridiculous, saddening and truly futile. Terrorism, violence, bias news, misleading reporting, antagonizing the public...causing the public to hate, scream and rant social media venom. It needs to stop.

On home turf, you may not like what Trump is doing. You may want to shriek at the top of your lungs, but for every person doing this, others are now seeing it as white noise. So what you're actually achieving is preaching to the same political view choir, because the rest of us are tuning you out. I'm getting multiple messages, texts etc from people sending hyperbole Pallywood-type fake news, trying to argue their fear-intention political point. I've shut you all out (like others) who don't take you seriously because you didn't read the facts. Also learn to LISTEN, instead of aggressively retaliating. One sided rants do not make for an intelligent person. They make you narrow minded.

When people don't talk rationally and respect other views, nothing is achieved. This not only goes for the public but the politicians who's sole feat is not to better the country, but only focus on two words: opposition and resist. Regardless of whether the topic in question is logical and benefits the U.S., they absolutely refuse to weigh up the pros and cons. All they know to do is attack and since January, this has been a continuous pattern. It's known as operating on a level of 'conditioning' that terrorists, Scientologists and cults use to recruit troops through fear. Others call it self brainwashing. I call it lunacy and spite, because your gal didn't win. Being a gracious loser and working with the other side always benefits the nation. But one party is forever resisting and their ego-driven self importance has taken priority over the public's interest. Their need to default oppose is more important than the citizens well being. That's shameful.

We're hitting a huge solar eclipse and it makes sense the tensions are blowing through the roof. So I'm going to meditate even more, focus on white lights for everyone and let's hope that all get a grip. Because if not, the only destruction you're going achieve is the self-type and possibly give yourself an infection from stress. Which will result in kidney stones - and I've heard they're the worst.

Breathe, count to ten and repeat continuously until Monday morning!