Wednesday, November 22, 2017

VC's Are Missing A LinkedIn Chip...

In the past week alone, I've received a flurry of LinkedIn invitations from well known tech industry men. I don't connect with people I don't know (why should anyone?!) and state this clearly on my profile. Every so often, I purge and disconnect old contacts because I'm all about the quality versus the 500+ quantity. This is aside the constant requests from people I have never heard of, that work in professions I can't even pronounce. Sorry, Mary from Wisconsin who is a neurological (big word) director or Boston based Jeff that's an electrical (two bigger words with only one vowel).

Disconnect, Reconnect, Disconnect

Going back to the tech requests, one of the newest ones was a past LinkedIn connection. I disconnected with him a few months back when he didn't reply to a couple of messages I sent, directly related to a feature he was interviewed in. I also messaged the other tech bods with either a 'do we know each other.' I later saw the messages were read but it resulted in white noise nada responses. Another was from way, way, way back in the prior decade when his VC firm was very interested in my start-up. Even though my company was an ideal fit for their portfolio (their words, not mine) and they thought my business was sheer genius (their words, not mine), they declined to invest with zero valid reasons. Typical Sand Hill Road beige emails at its highest. So when this individual sent a LinkedIn invite recently, I messaged him with a 'why?' I saw he read the message but as with the others, he hid in his safe shell in the dark cupboard under the stairs rubbing crackers into his head. These examples, and multiple more of the same variations, are still classed as pending invites. LinkedIn occasionally reminds me to check them with a 'hey, you never know.' I delete those emails because I do know. I know the pattern very well and it's dull, it's non-confrontational hyperbole, a road well travelled by minions, and yes I still write English English with two l's.

Speaking to a Brick Wall

If someone wants to connect with me, then at least have the balls to send a response.This LinkedIn rapport is typical way men in the tech world fail to interact, because anything more than surface chat freaks them out something chronic. I've seen this for over seven years and it deserves a book written about this sole topic. I'd not buy it but I'd certainly get it from the a few years.

Most of these men are regularly Q&A featured in articles about how they're frustrated with the lack of unique innovation and craving to support the next Zuckerberg. Maybe they should check their LinkedIn messages or better yet, their work emails on new pitches. Just a nano thought.

Yet these are the exact same people that, when the idea is slammed in their face, turn a blind eye. So I can only assume that these articles are for their self publicity and they genuinely will crap themselves when they are confronted with pure inventions. Which is why they don't respond to me.

So this Thanksgiving, I give thanks to myself for never backing down and being part of their 'communication'less connections.' I don't do small talk, I don't do fluff chats and I certainly don't connect with people that are mentally & physically unable to spend half a minute in responding.

Happy Thanksgiving! Let the narcolepsy hugs begin, directly followed by the stampedes...

Friday, October 13, 2017

Weinstein's Drive was Retribution, not Power

With the media frenzy on Harvey Weinstein over the past eight days, I started to dig deeper into why he lived this destructive pattern of demolishing women & ball busting deals. To be a serial harasser and abuser means his focus wasn't power nor a mental illness but based on a past life retribution. He had to destroy all the women (or symbol of) he believed destroyed him previously.

Now call me odd but take into account at least two sites I've read, both confirm strong characteristics of what Mr W shows signs of. Since he's 
Virgo South Node & Pisces North Node (also here - I love this astrologer but the site may close shortly so download that page), the other shoe drops. Why would someone with so many achievements initiate such horrific, continuous attacks against women. He's not an idiot so he knows his actions were a ticking time bomb, and he can only threaten media to shut down negative articles for so long. His subconscious knows he'll get caught out...and he was. And it blew spectacularly in his face. It may take him a while to get down from his egomaniac high to realize exactly what he's done, especially with his double birdie photo yesterday (still disillusioned that he is G-d and how dare humans defy him). He believes it's an 'industry' thing and everyone does it...he just wanted to do it bigger and more forcefully. 

His South Node Anger Was His Ammunition & Engine

Before we reincarnate, we assess our past lives and create challenges for our next life to learn and evolve. Some of us achieve these with stunning, positive results. Others are livid with the south node life, which doesn't give the north node breathing room to fulfill this correct life path destiny. 

In this case, Harvey shows classic combos of south node traits that he refused to deal with productively, instead using this life as a platform to bulldoze with one intention: revenge.

1. His past life was controlled through stifling, slavery type belittlement & unappreciated structure. Hence why he broke every ethic book rule in this life, regardless of the costs to him and others. 
2. He created destructive patterns, unconsciously aware they were wrong but consciously, he couldn't stop his south node from getting vengeance i.e. creating his own version of freedom through initiated demolition on others.
3. He had a past life in the acting industry but was an underdog. This life, he was screaming for everyone to know he was boss. Maybe an original desire to be an actor wasn't on the cards, but he certainly set out to control the industry, unfortunately with abuse i.e. the bullied becomes the bully.
4. He demanded respect through abusing his industry power, maybe towards the same women who had abused him in a past life. We make a point to connect with people in our past lives, to fulfill a karmic (good or bad) duty. Instead of him taking the high road by not circling an 'abuse them back' pattern, he couldn't stop himself so initiated unstoppable, repetitive payback. 
5. His past life states he had sexual problems, deprived of intimacy or battered. Which makes sense in this life; he wanted to stamp on them as they'd stamped on or ignored him previously. 
6. Being a clever strategist, he picked at everything, but was so involved in fixing everyone as projects he lost perspective. His strategy turned from producing, to controlling and annihilating.

If you believe the above is absolute baloney, check your own North/South node and then see your patterns, validating my post. 

Where Harvey Goes From Here Is A New Path 180

He catastrophically failed to address past life limitations and deal with this life-challenge correctly (reinforcing, the life Harvey created). The past was too much of a thorn, resulting in his trailblazing payback actions. How he moves forward now is personally hand writing a letter to every single woman he damaged and not publicize this, or no one would believe his remorseful, apologetic intent. A return to the big or small screen industry will never suffice, regardless of the stragglers that half heartedly give him a shoulder. Americans love the this case, no one trusts him as he created a role and acted it out until it exploded in his face. The double rejection of a 'revival' campaign will result in his suicide. A movie or book about him? If anyone dared sign a contract with him, they'd never work in Tinseltown or publishing again.

He should permanently veer out the limelight and pursue more meaningful roles - helping abused kids with creative education, being the engine behind the voice of battered individuals, the brains behind the scenes in the art arena (the silent force that no one ever sees). He can't have the spotlight any more because he self destroyed that privilege. He must help others with humanitarian feats, feats that will also heal him while using his brain for good. 

If he doesn't venture into North Node Pisces, his next life will be a repetitive challenge of this, with a higher wall to climb. But the attackers will have multiplied. Because life does go full circle. 

NB: Any typos or grammatical errors, don't be a nitpicker. Also read all the James Van Praagh books - they answer a tremendous amount of Q&A's related to this post.

Monday, September 4, 2017

I've Einstein Syndrome - Who Knew?

It's a bit of a long post since there are whodunnits, twists, turns and very Cluedo type:

I didn't start speaking until I was after four years old, no later than five. Mum said I didn't 'bother speaking,' not I 'couldn't speak.' Quite apt for me! My parents sent me to elocution classes to encourage me to speak. Mum and dad thought I may have hearing problems but I didn't. I just didn't want to talk because I have verbal dyslexia: letters came out back to front, words were in the wrong order and everyone laughed at me. So I thought, bugger them, I'll just not talk if they don't want to understand what I'm saying. I wasn't upset or disturbed - I was more judgemental of their limitations. During elocution, I had a breakthrough and that's where the verbal diarrhea unleashed...and it's not stopped since, including the profanities. I really do love swearing - it's completely misunderstood and underrated.

The reason for my Einstein Syndrome (ES) is because my brain is going too fast for my mouth to express into words. I'm a crap handwriter for the same reason - I write like a permanently drunk spider's shat on paper. Everything is too slow for my brain and it drives me potty sometimes! So when I was little, not only did I have this verbal dyslexia but the non dyslexia sentences were injected with synesthesia, causing more ridicule from others. I simply decided not to talk.

Only 14% of females have ES. People with this 'affliction' have similar traits. Here are a few I'm spot on with: stubborn, social disinterest, analytical and forever curious (PC way of saying 'demanding and exhausting'), exceptionally intelligent and bright, strong willed temperament - marching to the beat of their own drum and frustrated with restrictions (school and life) believing it stifles creativity and freedom of expression. That last one is magic: EVERY single time at school when a teacher asked the kids a question, I was always told my answer was wrong. No, the teachers limited their brain, refusing to let me explain that every question had two split answers. I was in the 1% that saw this alternative answer but was shot down before I could provide my theory. School drove me nuts so I stopped putting my hand up to answer.

What I'm not on par with is that parents of ES kids are in an analytical field (maths, accounting, engineering, physics and music) with post grad degrees. Also ES kids are additionally strong in maths (I was beyond crap), musical (yes but not good), and great at doing puzzles (reasonably OK but I get irritated - I need answers). ES kids have extremely good memories - only for random specifics I care about but not a consistent pattern. Now onto the gritty, Cluedo stuff:

Related But Not Related Topic 

In the 16Personalities - I have ENTJ and this is rare for women - only 1.5% of the global female population have this. I've also been seeing symbols on my foggy glass kitchen table. The past few months, the words and numbers have been changing (so if you break into my home to check the table, you'll not understand the codes). Last week I finally cracked the sequence and knew who I was in a past life a few hundred years ago. The name came into my head, randomly, and that same evening in the supermarket, I looked up and saw the same name on the shelf. I know when I'm getting a sign versus what you would call coincidence - I'm getting to be good at seeing them. I researched obsessively and saw incredible, unusual characteristics between us. Even specific, uncommon words about this person are words people have described me as. This person was Leo North Node while I'm Leo South Node and Aquarius North Node, so this individual has handed me a massive baton passing task for disastrous antics they/I caused...that I need to address. I wanted to know who I was, not because of glory, but to see exactly what I'd achieved and what I'd botched up on - so I could fix it in this life.

Today, I believe I also cracked the second sequence of who I was in a more recent life from the same kitchen table codes. I've been thinking about this second person recently and we, again, share highly unusual characteristics. I'll either have a dream or receive an additional non-table sign, to confirm if I'm right. If so, I now see the patterns clearly: the first person's karma was addressed in the second reincarnation. The second included same pattern flaws yet on a diluted level (this person was Aquarius North Node but missed one critical beat). I came into this life with these flaws positively reversed (well done me) but now need to fix the second person's series of errors, while combining the same good qualities and characteristics of my prior two lives: all three of us share one, huge, undisputed common thread which categorically makes sense now about why I am how I am, and why my brain works differently. I now need to use the Aquarius North Node mindset, which is a complete pain in the backside because it goes against my personality: Aries with Aries rising and full blown eccentric (the latter quite common for Aquarius in general so credit where credit's due).

Every time I revert Leo South (a familiar pattern), I jump or clap to reset myself, so I become more conscious about needing to be more Aquarius North. It's a tricky one but I'm getting there.

Either way, I'm ecstatic I've connected the dots because so much confusion in this life is now answered, it's all crystal clear and now I know exactly what I need to do and more importantly: why.

Between my nodes, ES, ENTJ, kitchen table, spirit clues/symbols and still belting through my James Van Praagh books - it's been a fascinating couple of weeks.

Finally: San Francisco is heatwave free, it's spitting rain and Muppet is taking her fourth power nap.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

This is Why We Look Rubbish in the Morning

I've been reading all of James Van Praagh's books recently because I know there are other worlds I've lived in and this one doesn't fit me well. I'm trying to understand why the heck I'm here with all of you slower folks. During last week's eclipse, I saw an astrology status by Michael Lutin regarding North Nodes. I'd never heard of these so ran a quick Google search. The quick search turned into reading up to page 10 of my North Nodes: Leo South Node and Aquarius North Node. I personally adore this one by Alice Loffredo. The other shoe finally dropped - I knew exactly why I was spending this life intertwined with conflicts, bizarre incidents and how my unusual brain was wired to deal with them. I've a brilliant brain with genius ideas - but I'm a bit too much for everyone else on this planet so there lies a situation I could never fully grasp until now. If you've read my autobiography, Living of the Irony, you know I have dreams every night. Some bring me incredible messages, spirit signs, assurances and innovations.

Which Leads To Why We Look Awful After Sleeping... 

Today, I finally realized why some of us look like a bus has slapped us sideways into a muddy field when we wake up. It's because our souls take a separate trip while our bodies shut down to sleep. Since my soul works at the speed of light, resulting in 2-3 dreams a night (every night since childhood or prior), I'm amazed I don't resemble a post-tornado-meets-avalanche when I wake up.

Think of it this way: If you believe you look pristine before you sleep and then climb Everest, imagine how disheveled you look when you reach the first peak? That's rapid soul dream one. Now imagine climbing higher against harsh weather that batters you in all directions to get to the next cliff. This is rapid soul dream two. By now you're not a pretty picture, probably eaten a few bugs and slipped in yellow snow. I'm an excessive overachiever that thinks and operates at levels so fast, I'm one of the few that climbs to the highest peak most nights (my peak is not anyone else's though). The higher the peak, the rougher the terrain but the bigger the spirit signs, ideas and messages I receive.

Which is why I sometimes wake up looking like I've been guinea pig tested on a new type of weather storm but forgot how to navigate around the system. I pound through the night at supersonic speeds, lucid matching dream three with one, or one and two, while trying to ask a mountain goat for directions through telepathy. I should bring him an apple when I see him next. He's a bit cantankerous but aren't we all, when someone repeatedly asks for directions. It's all part of my Leo meets Aquarius with my Aries (and Aries rising) eccentric personality that refuses to give me a night off, always craving more and never settling for the basics. Because I may look and act like the village idiot in your eyes, but it's a ploy to appease the rest of you. I know things you'll never know. And I know you know that.

So every night you sleep, if you wake up minus dreams, you're going to look reasonably OK. I personally prefer to aspire in looking horrific each morning. Because that means I let my soul travel on extra horse power using full throttle cylinder capacity. Something I'm extremely proud of. It'll not only ensure my inventions come to light, helping to make this world better, but each sleep gets me nearer in maneuvering my GPS Aquarius you all get the star treatment and credit. Because this time, it's all about you, not me :)

Friday, August 18, 2017

Hating Breeds Hatred

The past 48 hours have been ridiculous, saddening and truly futile. Terrorism, violence, bias news, misleading reporting, antagonizing the public...causing the public to hate, scream and rant social media venom. It needs to stop.

On home turf, you may not like what Trump is doing. You may want to shriek at the top of your lungs, but for every person doing this, others are now seeing it as white noise. So what you're actually achieving is preaching to the same political view choir, because the rest of us are tuning you out. I'm getting multiple messages, texts etc from people sending hyperbole Pallywood-type fake news, trying to argue their fear-intention political point. I've shut you all out (like others) who don't take you seriously because you didn't read the facts. Also learn to LISTEN, instead of aggressively retaliating. One sided rants do not make for an intelligent person. They make you narrow minded.

When people don't talk rationally and respect other views, nothing is achieved. This not only goes for the public but the politicians who's sole feat is not to better the country, but only focus on two words: opposition and resist. Regardless of whether the topic in question is logical and benefits the U.S., they absolutely refuse to weigh up the pros and cons. All they know to do is attack and since January, this has been a continuous pattern. It's known as operating on a level of 'conditioning' that terrorists, Scientologists and cults use to recruit troops through fear. Others call it self brainwashing. I call it lunacy and spite, because your gal didn't win. Being a gracious loser and working with the other side always benefits the nation. But one party is forever resisting and their ego-driven self importance has taken priority over the public's interest. Their need to default oppose is more important than the citizens well being. That's shameful.

We're hitting a huge solar eclipse and it makes sense the tensions are blowing through the roof. So I'm going to meditate even more, focus on white lights for everyone and let's hope that all get a grip. Because if not, the only destruction you're going achieve is the self-type and possibly give yourself an infection from stress. Which will result in kidney stones - and I've heard they're the worst.

Breathe, count to ten and repeat continuously until Monday morning!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

This Must've Been Written for Me!

Can't stop laughing...this guy is spot on. I just messaged him that I'm also date/time stamping it for evidence. I may need to refer back to it one day :D

Friday, August 11, 2017

Women Should be Charged 20% Less for Everything

Wouldn't it be lovely if single business charged women 20% less than men - to accommodate gender pay gaps? Restaurants, stores, service providers and the list is endless...

If women are paid 80% of what men make, females should be paying 80% of published prices everywhere. Just a simple, logical thought. It'd be nice to go to a restaurant and pay the women's price, take a flight at 20% discount versus the guy sat next to them or join a gym and enjoy that reduced monthly fee. If females earn less for the exact same role as men, this should be reflected in every aspect of our lives and everything we purchase.

There's no such word as feminism - I replaced it a long time ago with: standard. If you believe there needs to be a word to describe logic and equality, you're missing a chip. Unless it's stuck on your shoulder :)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

My Muppet Earned Her Wings 15 Years Ago

Happy birthday to my gorgeous Muppet who turns 15 years old today. We've been together 14 years and 9 months...and I only recently saw that the white fur on the back of her neck were wings. I scrunch that neck with hugs, multiple times a day. Who knew that the most obvious sign she's my guardian angel, went unnoticed for 1.5 decades? The symbol was always there - I can't believe I never saw it. Occasionally I am one can short of a six pack but this was an odd one to not notice, since I'm always extremely aware of signs, messages and numbers that come my way. When I ask for a sign, I always get it. When I ask a question before I go to sleep, the message always comes through in my dreams. How I never noticed her angel wings is just plain odd.

I'm currently pounding through all the James Van Praagh books and so this post I wrote in May is absolutely spot on. What I wrote made sense but I didn't have the evidence to prove it until I read his books. There's a reason for every step we go through in life, including Mups and I colliding way back in 2002 - when I went for a walk and came home with a spaniel. She's been with me through some horrible times; when I've experienced psychic attacks and invaded by negative people (low level entities). Mups and I are eternally bonded by something that goes back many reincarnations which is why she's recently helped me clear myself from the repulsives. 

Maybe she was my mum, seven lifetimes ago. Possibly we were married or she was my brother two centuries past. I may have been a tree and she was a donkey, piddling on me in Portugal. Seventy lives ago she may have been a block of cheese and I was a loaf of bread. Either way, we've always been together in previous lives because we're soul-intertwined. The split second we locked eyes nearly 15 years ago, she bounced over to me and the first message that came into my head from her was "C'mon, let's go home! I've been waiting three months for you to show up. Move it!!" I'll never forget that. This wasn't a puppy just happy to have a home, this was a fluffy monkey that was making it crystal clear we were joined together once again.  

When she one day goes, she'll still remain besides me, protecting me until we're physically united again. She'll only leave this life when she knows I'm fine - and it'll happen quickly. I know she'll be bouncy, healthy and happy like she is now (way more than the average 15 year old) and then in a snap, she'll pass away. The vet will say it was an unusual situation he's never heard of before. Then when I go, she'll be the one to greet me and we'll start the process once more with new earth adventures. I always asked Mups if she looked after me or I looked after her - now I know. After I saw her wings, three nights I asked to be shown my guardian angel in a dream. All three times, Muppet was in them. One dream, she piddled three times. Urine is a symbol of release. She managed to magnify this message by pissing torrents, all over the kitchen floor, on rugs and flooding the hall. I wasn't mad at her - I just had no idea she had such a big bladder. 

We're smitten with each other and it's an ongoing love affair. Today, she gets extra chicken for being my forever gate keeper. If you have a pet, then adore it. If you see a pet on the street, hug it. If you come across an animal along the way, give it affection. They know things we don't - so never assume we're the more intelligent ones. Because we're not and we never will be. We should all aspire to be an animal in a future life. They know things we never will because they're wiser, even when they slip in their own shit, need poo pulling off their bum or eat a whole slipper. It's just an act so they can pretend they're stupid. Don't ever be fooled :)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stockholm Syndrome Rears Its Head At Uber

Uber repulses me in every sense - it has done since day one with their 'we'll overcharge and rape you' business:

Verbally abusive culture
Insane, greed and arrogance
Sickening surge pricing abuse during dire & terrorist related incidents
Bringing nearly 50k more drivers to San Fran that don't yield to pedestrians and the #1 cause of accidents and deaths at 64% (rest of the country is average 14%)
The bulldozing James Bond type villain's repulsive 'I must rule the world at every cost to man, woman, child' mentally disturbing mind set
Minor screening on drivers & absolving when multi rogue drivers kill, attack and rape
Threatening & harassing media and their families (including children)
Illegal activities
Spying on corporations and consumers (including post app removing)
IP infringement
Burning millions of $ a week in the strive for world domination (how many poor mouths could this have fed, how many homeless could have a roof over their head, did even an inch go back into supporting at least SF's Tenderloin district that stinks of urine worse than ever - right by Uber's HQ etc)

All kudos to a founder who's horrifying obsession with deep pockets & ultimate power is more important than having one single cell of ethics. He'll one day get to the end of his life and it'll be too late to rectify how repulsive he is. He's a deeply disturbing individual. I talked with his ex girlfriend once on the street when our dogs stopped to sniff each other's anus. I made it clear through sheer aura energy, that he disgusted me. The more she and I talked about international dog quarantine rules/regulations, the more he started to tip toe away from me. I use my 'clear the stench' unspoken signals on people that abhor me - similar to a skunk pre spray. They subconsciously move away from me, they're not sure why. The more she/I talked, the more he made distance and it was crystal that he was uncomfortable.

So today I read about a petition signed by 1,100 of the 14k employees that are crying for his return. This comes under Stockholm Syndrome levels of sick and twisted brainwashing. I'm sure he's loving the attention, his minions screaming for their leader who's aura's he sucked the life out of. They thought he was empowering him, but the petition clearly confirms he was bleeding them dry and now they're lost souls. I don't doubt he's already rallying toy soldiers to whisper his support to the media and anyone that'll listen. The aggressor will try to turn the tables into the victim - even more twisted. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't set the whispering petition ball rolling idea himself. He's their safety net for continuing the above list because without him, they're abandoned. They can't run the gauntlet because a new teacher is going to come on board, and all these Uber school kids will have to clean up their act. Most are so brainwashed, they don't know now right from wrong, hence this petition. I assume 50% don't even know what job to do as theirs were based on the list. And that list just got thrown out the window.

I absolutely blame the board and investors that did nothing for years about that list - they all turned a blind eye when valuations increased dramatically. Because they're also solely greed & money focused. But when the s**t hit the fan with Susan Fowler's blog (good woman!), it opened a different can of worms and the VC's (and board) had serious public egg on their face. He's their scapegoat though, firing him by example so they can pretend to breathe easier that they did the right thing. So now his little soldiers are wandering in the Uber desert and have no violent leader to protect and encourage them.

Only an evil person can create an evil company and bring out the evil in his employees, driving them to do bad. The whole company needs to go to rehab. The founder? Well, he'll always have evil in his DNA because he knows no different.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Tech Boys "Theft Club" Has Officially Launched

I recently wrote about how the tech industry is embarrassing itself by lacking innovation, blatantly refusing to acknowledge new innovation (scared, much? threatened, much?) and claiming victory when stealing others inventions. Proud and victorious? Are you serious? You think this is the new normal? All rhetorical.

So today, when I read this article and the appalling quotes by an attention craving imbecile that believes it's 'normal' for the industry to steal each other's inventions - well it just validated my prior post. Are these ignorant, arrogant kids that graduated bully school assume the free pass to swipe from others has no expiration? These are meant to be mature, educated adults that know right from wrong. They're sat on piles of cash, with IPO brands under their belt yet have never grown up. They're playing with fire, business, revenue and (more scarily) Joe Public's hard earned income who risk their retirement by buying shares. To what...? To simply copy each other's inventions and then have the incompetent audacity to spout quotes because they are (astonishingly) proud of their idiotic feats:

"Congrats to me, I will tell the world I stole someone else's proven idea because I lack every ounce of self creativity, I have no respect for myself or the industry I work in. And by gum, I'll make sure I scream this loudly, claiming that everyone does it so I can be the first to say it." The mind boggling irony being that people like this kid are obsessing about being the first: not the first to invent but the first to claim territory that stealing someone else's first deserves a standing ovation."

"If we're being honest with ourselves, this is the way the tech industry works" quotes this unimaginative blip. He actually claims this as if it's ethical practice and since everyone does it, he's so insecure he must fit in. Because the more insecure someone is, the more they bully and copy and then assume kudos for their actions. All the grown up tech adolescents who think they're in the big boys league, let's teach you some morals: If you steal someone's invention, you are a thief. That's a fact. If you then claim that it's absolutely standard to steal, because it's what everyone else does, you're a sheep. If you then spout your overpaid mouth about it, you've given yourself the loser gold medal and it's permanently stamped on you like a cheap Vegas tattoo. You'll forever be known as the first to admit you're a thief. Obviously you didn't get that far in the thought process, nor that it affects your career: who'd want to hire someone that confesses this, devalues a brand and admits they can't think for themselves?!

And ultimately, die hard entrepreneurs like myself are not only ashamed of you, but we have no respect for you, and we are ecstatic you'll never be like us. It's not in your DNA and never will.

Because we have brains, we use them productively, we will never be cheap thieves and we naturally pave our own path. Because we have pure creativity, innovation running through our veins as default and we abhor that you publicly applaud yourselves for stealing, craving those few column inches of media coverage so you can scream bragging rights tonight over your $25 martini while your minion followers hang onto every word and believe you opened the door of 'acceptable theft.' You'll later realize they charged all their drinks to your tab. Not very good at connecting the dots, are you sonny boy!

I personally feel sorry for you because you only stomp on paths already paved. I pity those fools because you know no different. You're not clever nor admired. And one day, when you're on your death bed and you reflect on your life accomplishments, the blip on your heart monitor will be most likely beating with more spikes than your career achievements. Well done!

Am I scathing mad - nope? Angry - nope? Disappointed in you all - absolutely. Elated I am at the exact other end of the spectrum - categorically.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Getting Déjà vu's About Déjà vu's

I've had dreams all my life. I wake up and go back to sleep, average three times a night and each comes with a dream. Sometimes I play around with them, lucid dreaming the 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 3rd. I'm good at mixing these up. When I saw the movie Inception years ago, my friends were really confused. I wasn't - I thought everyone had dreams like that. Since I had a captive audience, I spent more time explaining the film than the duration of the movie. I've never had a SINGLE sleep without a dream. Some of my dreams have resulted with incredible inventions for my business, Olympic opening ceremonies (it's a beauty, one day I'll contact the committee and pitch it) and direct messages of my future. It's exhausting - I never get a night off.

It's been 46 years of also having déjà vu's but now it's getting stronger - a few times a day, every day. I'm knackered! So I decided to research more about déjà vu and spiritual meanings. My life's been too bizarre and I need all the assurance I can get. After speed-researching and slicing through twaddle forums (the illiterate tripe out there is staggering), I found two profound spiritual explanations:

1: The more déjà vu's the individual has, the more it's a message that they're absolutely on track. I find this odd. The past 15 years have been more turbulent than a full cabin (commercial airline) releasing excessive, panic ridden baked bean wind during unnaturally high levels of turbulence.

2: It's a sign that since we pre-paved our own life path before birth, we place obstacles in our way to see how our soul's react, learn and grow*.  The déjà vu is a checkpoint and we can pause to rewind, fix and then carry on, even if it's a death's door situation. So in reality, this specific web page explanation is that we're controlling our own personal TiVo (sorry - modernize it Cundle: DVR).

Now I absolutely believe that we're pre-programmed and that I've created my full life. I'm just living one part of it currently. What these two web theories are stating is that I actually want to piss myself off through this life, as a twisted little joke and I'm constantly testing myself to the extreme. I'm pre-program pushing my own buttons until I experience levels of emotional-chemotherapy (not stating that phrase all). And the déjà vu's are nudges that the original twisted me knows that I know, that she knows that I'm now writing this and the other shoe's dropped with a few clues I've given myself (Paycheck movie style).

Why the hell would I do this to myself? I've got to consider that maybe I was a bit drunk when I created me, along with a full series of reincarnated me's over the past G-d knows how many centuries. Maybe I put myself up to a bet, or a previous few of me thought they'd make my current life for their TV viewing. In the next life, they've pre-programmed me to fix it. So in my autobiography ongoing series (Living off the Irony), the book title is now more staggeringly apt than before. The irony being that numero uno me created this current mayhem. I also wrote an excerpt in one of the series (maybe volume 4) that if I had a dinner party and could invite anyone living or dead, I'd invite a few past me's along with a few future me's.

Now I'm not too sure I want to meet them. They'll probably force me to make dinner, knowing three microwaves have exploded under my sole supervision. Every time I grab a glass of whisky, the bottom will fall out. I'll sit on a chair, and the legs will collapse. Tonight, I need one of my dreams to be a good, long talk with the original me and tell her to get her act together. My life's depending on it or more fool the next me. I'll make sure she's slammed sideways in retribution and comes back as a goldfish with a bowel deficiency so her poo is forever stuck to her bum. She'll have a lifespan of two weeks, in a cloudy bowl above a clogged up toilet - the seat up, ready for her to leap.

* Even if these include horrific experiences.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Stop Stealing Ideas + Start Innovating Again

The Thieves that Steal

This week, Facebook went hell for leather in launching copycat Snapchat and crowd funder platforms. They do this because they can. They have the cash and now only recruit same-minded 'yes' employees, so no one's coming out with anything radical at these giant corps. They scrutinize what's working elsewhere and shamelessly duplicate it, not even attempting to disguise the theft with bells & whistle differentiation. They have no moral compass code or conduct about their actions. And the sorry state of their employees, well that's something I pity:

  • They're hierarchy red taped to the hilt so free flowing revolution is stifled.
  • They follow the typical 'keep nose clean' ladder to not rock the boat.
  • I see them in SF all the time - same hoodies, same overpriced laptop cases, same vacant stare.
  • They're all clones and more are cloning at a rate of knots. They're destined to be Bounders.

Two major corporations have stolen my reverse shopping ecommerce IP. Both eventually shut them down after I initiated complaints & made this information public. I was disgusted with these companies that requested full blown PowerPoint's about myTab (and sister Match myCash) yet blatantly stole my creations following the presentations. On the bonus: they grabbed the basics, launched it without using my brain and vision...and both failed miserably. Stupid is as stupid does.

The Narrow Minded that Ignore

And on the flip side, you have corps like Twitter that are allergic to change. Sorry, I retract that. They made an announcement about their egg icon this week. Doubt the investors are elated with this news.

Even the media have publicized that Jack doesn't give a jack about listening. End of December 2016 he wanted people to tweet him ideas. It was a silly publicity stunt because anyone that actually challenged him with serious suggestions, he vomited. I'd created a series of new feature sets they could use. It'd bump up revenues, turn the model into an actual (grown up) business and start increasing new user sign ups alongside multi tiered stickiness and untapped traction. It is a loaded idea but then again, I never do anything by halves. It'd not take a huge UI/UX duration to set up, but the results would be staggering. I know when I'm right and I've got a bloody good, unique brain. I don't think how civilians think. I never have.

But his goal was to tweet a 'give me ideas' request and as long as the answers massaged his ego, his post was worth it. I was irritated with the lame ideas flooding his way so I tweeted a teaser (I don't give my ideas for free - you want it, you pay for it). He wanted more details. I tweeted again with a follow up teaser and he responded with 'false.' Who says 'false' when they don't even know what I'm suggesting?? At least he should've summoned one of his many minions to contact me for the scoop, before hiding back in his safe haven shell:

I find it disturbing that Bay Area tech egomaniacs are sliding in quick sand and are blinkered. They don't want serious ideas - they either want to steal them or ignore them. And it's a gaping hole that'll only get wider the more the region accepts this as standard practice. Which then doesn't leave an inch of room for the foundation that Silicon Valley was based on (yet inaccurately promotes): embracing genuine innovation.

The Ones That Are Screaming For Unique

Jason Calacanis was featured in recode yesterday, stating he was interested with die hard entrepreneurs that were doing something extraordinary, not just talking about it. A while ago, he ventured into a series of 'I must socially connect with Heddi' invitations. I accepted these, sat back and waited to see if he was truly interested in a conversation about myTab. I didn't initiate the chat as I was already jaded with the same ole spiel from the past 6 years of 300+ cloned VC's & Angels quoting the same broken record: "myTab is genius. Heddi is seriously worth investing in, But we won't fund myTab because she doesn't fit into our golden rule: Only support 20 year old tech boys with zero experience and no business model."  

Jason didn't initiate a chat with me but possibly he's only just noticed what I've known for a few years - genuine creativity is being categorically dismissed. Maybe he's now on a mission to hunt for those genius needles in haystack entrepreneurs and is pig sick of the talk-no-action. As I am.

The Morale?

For the ones wanting ideas: Never ask a question if you don't want the answer. Consider that someone might know something you don't. Man up and people may respect you again.

For the ones stealing ideas: I'm not going to sugar coat it. Get a grip: You're the lowest of the low and you'll always be branded as a thief.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fake News Fixing: Multi Step Solution

Last week, I met with a long term friend who stated he was going to write a book about fake news. The issues though:

A: He admitted he never reads the news - not exactly reassurance to his book readers of his expertise
B: He had no solution as to fixing fake news (thriller book with no cliffhanger ending....?)
C: He's a die-hard procrastinator

So in my A-type typical fashion, I dove head first into self brainstorming ideas. I wouldn't want to read a book that only talks about this topic, I want a book that gives concrete solutions. Over the next four hours (on and off), I threw suggestions at him. Granted, he did add 20% to the mix, on top of my foundation. But I know when it's a conversation with dual ideas thrown into the equation...and I know when I'm leading the initiatives. I ran the latter gauntlet on this occasion, giving him solid objectives so he could pitch the book idea to a third party. Yet he seemed to want to follow the typical SF bounder trend i.e. an idea with zero thought process nor end result. The summary of ideas I ran by him:

Online News Media:

Create a moderating type system where the article has a 20 second delay before being posted, giving Google a heads up that a stand alone piece may come under fake news triggers. This primarily works for articles that are focused on a sole topic, business or person (aka 'recipient.') The recipient is then notified (@ Twitter, Google Alert, email etc) and has the first right to respond before Joe Public can add comments. The recipient has a time limit (i.e. 4 or 8 hour) to reply. The recipient can press 'no,' meaning they believe the article will have no significant impact on them or is near factually sound. They can click 'yes' and respond (with concrete sources). The response is then permanently featured, boldly to the right of the article. Result: Readers can then see if the article is worth reading based on the recipient's response, or lack of, and can start spewing their commenting tailspins.

Google Algorithms:

A search of the recipient will show 'waiting for recipient's response' or 'recipient responded.' If the recipient pressed 'no,' the typical Google algorithms come into effect as normal. If the recipient pressed 'yes,' Google acts accordingly by moving the article into a 'debatable' news category' filter (or possibly in the right column white space, alongside related/trending topics of fake news). They'd also move it higher or lower down the search results, magnifying the lack of authenticity. Google has the ability to create this with simple code. They employ clever people who would have a field day in setting this new authenticity system in motion and finally use that white space productively. Result: Google features authentic vs fake news in a seamless, and aesthetically pleasing visual while not interfering nor compromising their algo set up.

Facebook Fake News:

November 12, 2016 Zuckerberg wrote a public post about Facebook taking ownership of fake news. This is wrong. Facebook should never have taken liability of this issue. They don't have their own news section, don't create the content yet solely provide the platform for people to copy/paste external links to their Facebook feed. Facebook made a mistake in stating they accept this problem and bringing in a heavy-duty team to address it...well that's just futile. But what they could do is have country flag highlighters by people's posts stating geographical origin (IP address) where the fake story originated. For example, check this NBC article about Macedonian fake news authors, making thousands of $$ from turning it into a business. If you see a Macedonia flag next to a Facebook post, then you know to either read it for non-serious entertainment or ignore it. That's all Facebook has to do - grab the IP's and country-flag them up. They can also feature a red flag next to a posted article that the recipient has cited as fake. Either read it or ignore it. Result: Facebook can back away from trying to be in the fake news hype from jumping on a redundant bandwagon. It wasn't their problem and never will be unless they start publishing their own news. Yes, the fake news authors will get clever and start changing IP's but at least the Facebook system wheels are turning productively.

TV Fake News Show:

The friend said he wanted to write a book to get mediocre-paid speaking engagements. I said he should think a LOT bigger in his strategy. I suggested he contact NBC and pitch the idea of an ongoing show, immediately following Meet The Press and call it 'Press: Meet the Facts.' His idea was to remove the colon so it reworded to 'The Facts Meet the Press.' His choice, it's neither here nor there in importance but by this time, he was fighting tooth & nail to feel he had at least one idea. I explained the show would be factually based with no observations nor opinions. Result: It would purely show rankings of the week based on the above i.e. how many journalists wrote great articles yet the editors wrote misleading headlines, how many journalists wrote fake articles, how many countries ranked in fake news authorship, recipient rebuttal rankings vs how many pressed 'no' - and the list goes on. This would create an ongoing foundation that could make/break the news media and journalists.

More Astute Advertisers:

All the collective above would now create a more powerful foundation for advertisers, knowing that more eyeballs to a fake news story was worth advertising on, or being associated by factual news to build their brand as a serious player. Maybe a journalist was getting some heat from a series of fake articles so a deodorant brand could advertise 'don't sweat the small stuff' and max on originality...and revenue sales along with viral traction. There could be a huge, new bidding war and original business model for media news outlets: charging brands more for (relevant) advertising by the recipient's rebuttal or the trending fake article. The playing field in the media buying circus may change for the better. It'd also be great if web news stopped having banner ads that intentionally covered the headline (slap on the wrists to the Daily Mail). Maybe the banner ad could be a curtain instead - revealing the newest authentic or fake story. Grab your popcorn because the article movie is about to start and it's a blockbuster.


The ideas I suggested would start creating a new stance, putting journalists and media on alert to start creating authentic articles, and bring back some dignity to their (currently) diminishing respect to the public. It doesn't require heavy lifting from all parties - just some common sense.

A History of Fake News:

During our conversation, I mentioned to the friend I was seriously interested in addressing the issue on a history of fake news. Maybe a recent (last 50 years) history or further back. How many wars have been initiated from fake news that triggered retaliation from one party? How many celebrity break ups resulted from non-tabloid hyperbole? How could fake news have changed the way we voted in the past? Are climate change trends & statistics accurate and if not, who the heck is causing us to freak out for financial/business self gain? Is there a simple, fruit or veg based, cure for cancer or does big pharma always kill the publicity for fear they'll be caught out...and out of business? Maybe I'll delve into this one day - maybe someone else will. Either way, I find it fascinating to see if the world would be completely different without a history of (undocumented) fake news or would we still have ended up where we are today? I'll probably have a lucid dream about it soon. I always do.

Severing Ties:

After an impressive few hours of giving this friend a huge amount of ammunition for his book pitching and TV show spin-off, he had the audacity to (quote): "What you gave me was nothing new or nothing I'd not thought of myself.' So I grabbed Muppet and walked out. This is not the first time someone felt intimidated by me or my ideas. His comments were spiteful, stinking of his bitter insecurity and historic patterns of mental abuse towards anyone who challenged him. It was a long time coming. I don't need to be around people like that, no one does. He was immediately severed as a friend yet adoringly enough, the next day I met someone the exact polar opposite - the extremity of these two people were staggering. This image is for the ex friend, Ironically, I don't have time for procrastinators:

Five Step Unfriending Program:

People I've had to permanently cut off fall into the same five step traits: #1: consciously pushing me to a limit they'd not do with some else, purely to crave my attention, #2: feeling embarrassed of their actions, causing them to try (yet fail) in re-spinning the problem as mine to save their own bacon when having to (fabricate) explain to others, #3: using anger to cause me to respond which I don't (by then, I've blocked them), #4: feeling utter remorse and stuck in a rut, not knowing what was truth vs their new imaginative lies to anyone & everyone that will listen, #5: realizing they permanently lost a very good friend from their unethical ego inflation. Poor sods - what a way to live.

I saved this blog post (and all link posts) so you know it's authentic (typo warts et al) and not edited. It's now date/time stamped, just in case. How do we know if I created these ideas or he did? A: I screenshot the text message the ex friend sent me 10 minutes after I departed, stating he'd not infringe on my ideas. How do we know which were his or mine? Because B: I don't lie, ever. I don't need to. I have a great brain and a billion ideas. I don't need to steal others. I never have done and never will.

NB: During the conversation, the friend had no knowledge of Facebook's announcement, advertising covering headline titles nor a multitude of other facts I gave him from cited news (and TV anchor) media examples to support my suggestions. Then again, this is the same guy who stated that no one ever learns anything from TV. If you were debating on giving him the benefit of the doubt, now you have your answer.

Friday, February 3, 2017

A New Political Eccentric CEO Playing Field

Say what you want about Trump but every news outlet this week has confirmed they just can't catch up with him. The guy's giving them more announcements than they can handle - and it's coming at a rate of knots. To me, this is normal. To 'normal' people, it's abnormal. No other President in the past few decades has slam dunked mass curve balls, record breaking speed changes and twists in new-change policies in such a short, consistent time-frame.

He communicates through Twitter to world leaders (and why not?), he sets the record of bias news straight through Facebook, he's naturally abrasive, he completely lacks a filter, and has no patience for small talk. This list goes on.

Changing Political Linguistics

Any future wannabe President that tries to take his additional four years come 2020, will have to absolutely alter the way they communicate (online and offline) or they'll be left in the beige dust. Because Trump's training the world how to run the US business with a new way of talking & action, and the old world of political speech patterns are now in the back of the cupboard. In the next primary debates, the traditional politicians will look abnormal and stale in comparison. Trump is method training you so get used to it. He's getting into your head intentionally, and it's working. When people hear my speech style, they are dumbfounded. Within time, they can't imagine not understanding it. You have four years to learn this about Trump.

During the election debates, Trump (IMO) was abysmal as he didn't run the typical political gauntlet in linguistics. He naturally couldn't fit in, compared to autocue-Hillary at the other end of the spectrum. But that's what made him different.

Trump refused to conform to D.C. lingo because he naturally can't. And the 'so called' linguistic expert, John McWhorter recently decided to use every attempt to patronize him on CNN (poor quality clip so deal with it). I tweeted, emailed and left a message for John to maybe educate himself on eccentrics. He'd learn a LOT from us and be less condescending in future if he stopped his insecure belittling tactics, to cover up that he's clueless on a whole breed of eccentric speech patterns. His interview disgusted me. It was a classic case of 'I don't know this style of linguistics so I'll simply use the bullying, ignorant tactic.' In my scathing email to him, I made it crystal clear he was a disgrace during the interview. My email was saturated in vinegar so I doubt I'll ever hear back. I'm on the highest ranking of A-type eccentricity which is why I know what Trump is doing - I talk the same language. John should be ashamed of himself for not finding Trump's unique linguistic patterns before his interview. It made him look stupid. I despise ignorant, know it all's, especially when they don't know squat yet spout their uneducated mouths with zero merit.

Trumping Nonconforming Methods

His obvious disinterest in waving from Air Force One on his first flight (a standard gesture) was missing, his 'about me, me, me' speech at the Prayer Breakfast and his inability to stick to one topic at a time are classic traits of eccentrics who are unable to conform. CNN's Richard Quest was featured as an Anderson Cooper guest in the past week. Verbatim, he stated it'd be interesting to see which Donald Trump we see next. Because none of the liberal media bods have a clue what to make of him. It's brilliant TV viewing, watching the liberals run around in a tailspin like elite, narrow-minded fish out of water.

Odd Traits Have Common Patterns

Trump has multiple sides to him - the astute leader, the brash annihilator and the calm, strategic thinker. For him, these personality characteristics are perfectly in sync. I see this clearly. Normal people don't. They see him as scattered, unfocused and a wild horse. He's not because I've been called the same through my whole life...and I'm not either. The wild horse is the one that actually easily gets the job done of five others and has a proven track record of this. He has a definitive style so start connecting the dots. I connected the dots about him a long time ago. There's a method to his non-madness.

So heed this learning curve: He is normal and you are not.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Week of Executive Orders & Unjustified Chaos

The advertisers are having a field day this week - it's on Superbowl adrenaline levels. The more the media has quoted headline 'outrage' articles over the past seven days, the more banner ad rates increase with the battle for brand publicity. The more 'condemn' and 'Statue of Liberty crying' headlines, the more these advertisers spin into spending overload. Media buyers are most likely now given the green light to heavily increase budgets. You have to be in it to win it.

With accelerated media distorting facts from fiction with each Executive Order, the more the advertisers are teaming up to publicize their brand. Social media is also blowing up at a rate of knots, with dems screaming blue murder over every move Trump makes. Because they believe what the warped media says - while advertisers are pounding budgets into the news website that's spouting the most elaborate (usually untruthful) next headline. Dramatic headlines = higher ad spends = the public in a right ole frenzy...and the vicious circle then repeats itself.

Hitting Terrorists with Elements of Surprise

It's obvious the Executive Order regarding immigration was slammed in fast - fast to the public but building heavily behind the scenes even before Trump took over the White House. His objective was to create elements of surprise so jihad terrorists had no pre-warning. The same as any good defense team would implement: don't tell anyone, just do it. That's how you win wars. Maybe next week the White House will change the trigger countries to keep everyone on their toes. It'd be a powerful move - one Chess step ahead of the Islamic terrorists, forever throwing them off by rotating which countries are now on the no-safe fly list to the US on any given Sunday, Monday or Thursday.

Read the True Travel Facts

This stunning article in the National Review should really be the 'story of the day.' Read it - it's bloody good and sets a lot of records straight about this travel Executive Order. The country is not the same as it was 240+ years ago. It was a country of immigrants who annihilated the native Indians and encouraged slavery. So much for living with diverse, immigration harmony! It's now a world where terrorists are running a sick, medieval muck and Trump doesn't want them in the US. It's not personal, it's business. Give him and his team three months to get their act together and maybe, they'll have a better system so they can absorb even more refugees: doing it the right way and more importantly, with stronger control.

Warped Sense of Obama Halo

The more Trump accelerates at lightening speed, doing everything he promised to do, the more the stunned dems are reeling even though they had 18 months to absorb this. Every announcement made from the White House is making all dems adore Obama even more. The same Obama that, under his watch, triggered #blacklivesmatter. A black President creating the uprising of animosity bought to the forefront by African Americans. Irony, right? What did Obama do about it? Nothing. What did he do about his home city, Chicago, with the worst gun violence in the city's history? Nothing. Still worship Saint Obama now? He caused a mess with immigration, internal US conflicts and is now leaving Trump to fix the mess. Trump's the new CEO, saw Obama had no idea how to run the business (aka USA) and is now cleaning up shop. The controversy is that Trump is doing this on every cylinder that no one expected. He's not running a typical Presidential game - how dare he actually take it seriously unlike his controversial predecessor. This is now Trump's company, his watch and his head on the line. So he's doing everything he can, to stop all arteries from bleeding out with a long range vision of restoring order. While you're considering this, consider how many hundreds of countries have borders - including Mexico's happy southern wall with Guatemala. Hypocrisy seems to have no boundaries (pun intended).

Always Read Between The Lines

Another point to consider: Trump's administration caused outrage among Jewish groups for posting about the Holocaust anniversary this week - omitting it specifically to Jews. LGBT community. Think about it. Millions of gay's were killed during the Holocaust also. Didn't you consider, for a second, that Trump is not so anti LGBT? The White House has already confirmed that their Holocaust status updates were regarding 'all people killed' during WW11, not just Jews.  Read between the lines and breathe for a moment before you cry anti-semitic hysteria.

Don't Like Him? Be Productive

Trump's not your typical President so get used to it. And if you don't like what he's initiating, create your own action instead of using social media to post factually incorrect articles. Don't hide behind the 'friends only' status updates - put your money where your mouth is and post it publicly. Post updates of what actions you're positively taking - be proactive. If Trump makes one change I absolutely disagree with, after reading the facts, I'll certainly be the first to petition this, call congress etc.

But if you shriek and don't action - you'll be hoarse by the end of next week.

(Added same day after published: And I agree with stopping the average annual $342m to sanctuary cities. I'm pleased the Trump administration is now catching the cash and releasing it into better US opportunities.)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's Marching To The (Late) Beat

I've been watching the news and social media about today's Women's March. Why weren't these people taking to the streets last October? Why did they decide to march and rant the day after inauguration? What the hell was their message for today? It was ALL over the place with zero focus aside the Women's March own wish: walking women had genital mutilation and were anti semites. Arnica and hate for all with Sharia law in abundance!

Last October, maybe they could have helped divert the status quo from red to blue voting through sheer one-step-forward in publicity and awareness. But they didn't. They expected Hillary to win, waited...and then cried into their vodka tonics while sat in their animal-unfriendly Uggs the night of the election verdict. They had a roof over their heads, a warm home and plenty of food in the fridge with cash in the bank. They had no severe worries, unlike the red voters who experienced the polar opposite effect, hence needing sheer USA change.

Mrs Clinton: Epitome of A Fire-starter

Hillary was not the front face of this initiated March 'movement.' During the past 18 months she blatantly and consistently lied, was ritually deceptive, spent foundation cash on her personal gain, put the country's security at risk, ran a dirty $1b campaign  yet ironically, her campaign plan was cheap and shoddy. I could continue until I am blue in the face on how many epic fails she made over this duration and the past 30 years. But why was she not the headliner at today's March? Because....

She and Obama never once yelled through media/social media for their supporters to stop incitement, be dignified and accept the electoral results, telling screamers there's a fine line between having a democracy and knowing when to be dignified losers. Instead, they both sat back with supersized popcorn and intentionally watched the mayhem crescendo, purely because they were pissed the country didn't vote blue - also validating Obama had no legacy. That's why she was incognito today yet did muster a lame tweet, again ironically, with a 'stronger together' statement but failing to be strong herself and lead through example.

This is not how leaders lead!

The flaky celebs who ignorantly believe Hillary-Wears-A-Halo were in disarray:

A: They wanted a woman in power, irrelevant that the woman was beyond incompetent.
B: They wanted guarantees their millions of bankable cash wasn't taxed further.
C: They don't like change and are petrified of giving new initiators a chance.
D: They've never saw how the other half lived in the US: the destruction Obama's eight years caused, crucifying their livelihoods.

Stomping Their Way To Sync PMS Cycles

The Marchers today are all a direct cause-effect of dividing the country. Yes Trump did push boundaries but he did this because he's stated he's sick of seeing how the US is heading and needed to fix it. But the Marchers and the celebs are absolutely now pushing unethically even harder to remove the 'United' from 'States of America' by:

#1 Ridiculing all Trump supporters
#2 Causing physical and verbal destruction around the country and online
#3 Failing to address electoral college vote concerns, assuming it was perfect if Hillary had won.
#4 Spouting to media, socially and anyone that will listen of how they fear for their lives (seriously?) yet not remotely stating they're going to actively make change, nor initiating it.

Do Something - Don't Just Talk The Talk And Walk The Walk

You have a democratic voice, use your brains wisely: put your money where your mouth is. If you're so mad and petrified (give me a break!) with a Trump presidency, move to another country or switch to a new career in public service. Take a job in politics, make the difference, make the change but for heaven sake - stop bitching (especially 'friends only' Facebook posts), presuming one afternoon of walking will result in Trump saying "You know, you're right and I'm done. Hillary, take over."

Not gonna happen so deal with it and grow up. Marching today after yesterday's peaceful transfer of power is as ridiculous as shopping riots the day after Thanksgiving.

Stop Being Shocked - Read Facts

On a final note, all the ranters freaking over the official White House website removing pages such as climate change and LGBT rights, you're the same idiots that didn't focus on facts during the election, leading to your shock and hysteria over Trump winning. You automatically went into a meltdown of these page removals but didn't research as to why. Fact: It's standard protocol that when a new President is in office, the pages are removed and THEN replaced with the new Commander's objectives.

That inauguration cake - you see it? Fact: DYK the cake makers confirmed proceeds from the cake are being donated to Human Rights organizations including....(drum roll) LGBT charities.

So, if you're all going to get over this 'personally inflicted' hurdle - learn to read facts and THEN voice opinions. That way, the Trump supporters will start to take you seriously...

Until then, you're all turning into white noise and heading in the wrong direction:

If you don't understand this apt image, keep working on it: