Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Week of Executive Orders & Unjustified Chaos

The advertisers are having a field day this week - it's on Superbowl adrenaline levels. The more the media has quoted headline 'outrage' articles over the past seven days, the more banner ad rates increase with the battle for brand publicity. The more 'condemn' and 'Statue of Liberty crying' headlines, the more these advertisers spin into spending overload. Media buyers are most likely now given the green light to heavily increase budgets. You have to be in it to win it.

With accelerated media distorting facts from fiction with each Executive Order, the more the advertisers are teaming up to publicize their brand. Social media is also blowing up at a rate of knots, with dems screaming blue murder over every move Trump makes. Because they believe what the warped media says - while advertisers are pounding budgets into the news website that's spouting the most elaborate (usually untruthful) next headline. Dramatic headlines = higher ad spends = the public in a right ole frenzy...and the vicious circle then repeats itself.

Hitting Terrorists with Elements of Surprise

It's obvious the Executive Order regarding immigration was slammed in fast - fast to the public but building heavily behind the scenes even before Trump took over the White House. His objective was to create elements of surprise so jihad terrorists had no pre-warning. The same as any good defense team would implement: don't tell anyone, just do it. That's how you win wars. Maybe next week the White House will change the trigger countries to keep everyone on their toes. It'd be a powerful move - one Chess step ahead of the Islamic terrorists, forever throwing them off by rotating which countries are now on the no-safe fly list to the US on any given Sunday, Monday or Thursday.

Read the True Travel Facts

This stunning article in the National Review should really be the 'story of the day.' Read it - it's bloody good and sets a lot of records straight about this travel Executive Order. The country is not the same as it was 240+ years ago. It was a country of immigrants who annihilated the native Indians and encouraged slavery. So much for living with diverse, immigration harmony! It's now a world where terrorists are running a sick, medieval muck and Trump doesn't want them in the US. It's not personal, it's business. Give him and his team three months to get their act together and maybe, they'll have a better system so they can absorb even more refugees: doing it the right way and more importantly, with stronger control.

Warped Sense of Obama Halo

The more Trump accelerates at lightening speed, doing everything he promised to do, the more the stunned dems are reeling even though they had 18 months to absorb this. Every announcement made from the White House is making all dems adore Obama even more. The same Obama that, under his watch, triggered #blacklivesmatter. A black President creating the uprising of animosity bought to the forefront by African Americans. Irony, right? What did Obama do about it? Nothing. What did he do about his home city, Chicago, with the worst gun violence in the city's history? Nothing. Still worship Saint Obama now? He caused a mess with immigration, internal US conflicts and is now leaving Trump to fix the mess. Trump's the new CEO, saw Obama had no idea how to run the business (aka USA) and is now cleaning up shop. The controversy is that Trump is doing this on every cylinder that no one expected. He's not running a typical Presidential game - how dare he actually take it seriously unlike his controversial predecessor. This is now Trump's company, his watch and his head on the line. So he's doing everything he can, to stop all arteries from bleeding out with a long range vision of restoring order. While you're considering this, consider how many hundreds of countries have borders - including Mexico's happy southern wall with Guatemala. Hypocrisy seems to have no boundaries (pun intended).

Always Read Between The Lines

Another point to consider: Trump's administration caused outrage among Jewish groups for posting about the Holocaust anniversary this week - omitting it specifically to Jews. LGBT community. Think about it. Millions of gay's were killed during the Holocaust also. Didn't you consider, for a second, that Trump is not so anti LGBT? The White House has already confirmed that their Holocaust status updates were regarding 'all people killed' during WW11, not just Jews.  Read between the lines and breathe for a moment before you cry anti-semitic hysteria.

Don't Like Him? Be Productive

Trump's not your typical President so get used to it. And if you don't like what he's initiating, create your own action instead of using social media to post factually incorrect articles. Don't hide behind the 'friends only' status updates - put your money where your mouth is and post it publicly. Post updates of what actions you're positively taking - be proactive. If Trump makes one change I absolutely disagree with, after reading the facts, I'll certainly be the first to petition this, call congress etc.

But if you shriek and don't action - you'll be hoarse by the end of next week.

(Added same day after published: And I agree with stopping the average annual $342m to sanctuary cities. I'm pleased the Trump administration is now catching the cash and releasing it into better US opportunities.)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's Marching To The (Late) Beat

I've been watching the news and social media about today's Women's March. Why weren't these people taking to the streets last October? Why did they decide to march and rant the day after inauguration? What the hell was their message for today? It was ALL over the place with zero focus aside the Women's March own wish: walking women had genital mutilation and were anti semites. Arnica and hate for all with Sharia law in abundance!

Last October, maybe they could have helped divert the status quo from red to blue voting through sheer one-step-forward in publicity and awareness. But they didn't. They expected Hillary to win, waited...and then cried into their vodka tonics while sat in their animal-unfriendly Uggs the night of the election verdict. They had a roof over their heads, a warm home and plenty of food in the fridge with cash in the bank. They had no severe worries, unlike the red voters who experienced the polar opposite effect, hence needing sheer USA change.

Mrs Clinton: Epitome of A Fire-starter

Hillary was not the front face of this initiated March 'movement.' During the past 18 months she blatantly and consistently lied, was ritually deceptive, spent foundation cash on her personal gain, put the country's security at risk, ran a dirty $1b campaign  yet ironically, her campaign plan was cheap and shoddy. I could continue until I am blue in the face on how many epic fails she made over this duration and the past 30 years. But why was she not the headliner at today's March? Because....

She and Obama never once yelled through media/social media for their supporters to stop incitement, be dignified and accept the electoral results, telling screamers there's a fine line between having a democracy and knowing when to be dignified losers. Instead, they both sat back with supersized popcorn and intentionally watched the mayhem crescendo, purely because they were pissed the country didn't vote blue - also validating Obama had no legacy. That's why she was incognito today yet did muster a lame tweet, again ironically, with a 'stronger together' statement but failing to be strong herself and lead through example.

This is not how leaders lead!

The flaky celebs who ignorantly believe Hillary-Wears-A-Halo were in disarray:

A: They wanted a woman in power, irrelevant that the woman was beyond incompetent.
B: They wanted guarantees their millions of bankable cash wasn't taxed further.
C: They don't like change and are petrified of giving new initiators a chance.
D: They've never saw how the other half lived in the US: the destruction Obama's eight years caused, crucifying their livelihoods.

Stomping Their Way To Sync PMS Cycles

The Marchers today are all a direct cause-effect of dividing the country. Yes Trump did push boundaries but he did this because he's stated he's sick of seeing how the US is heading and needed to fix it. But the Marchers and the celebs are absolutely now pushing unethically even harder to remove the 'United' from 'States of America' by:

#1 Ridiculing all Trump supporters
#2 Causing physical and verbal destruction around the country and online
#3 Failing to address electoral college vote concerns, assuming it was perfect if Hillary had won.
#4 Spouting to media, socially and anyone that will listen of how they fear for their lives (seriously?) yet not remotely stating they're going to actively make change, nor initiating it.

Do Something - Don't Just Talk The Talk And Walk The Walk

You have a democratic voice, use your brains wisely: put your money where your mouth is. If you're so mad and petrified (give me a break!) with a Trump presidency, move to another country or switch to a new career in public service. Take a job in politics, make the difference, make the change but for heaven sake - stop bitching (especially 'friends only' Facebook posts), presuming one afternoon of walking will result in Trump saying "You know, you're right and I'm done. Hillary, take over."

Not gonna happen so deal with it and grow up. Marching today after yesterday's peaceful transfer of power is as ridiculous as shopping riots the day after Thanksgiving.

Stop Being Shocked - Read Facts

On a final note, all the ranters freaking over the official White House website removing pages such as climate change and LGBT rights, you're the same idiots that didn't focus on facts during the election, leading to your shock and hysteria over Trump winning. You automatically went into a meltdown of these page removals but didn't research as to why. Fact: It's standard protocol that when a new President is in office, the pages are removed and THEN replaced with the new Commander's objectives.

That inauguration cake - you see it? Fact: DYK the cake makers confirmed proceeds from the cake are being donated to Human Rights organizations including....(drum roll) LGBT charities.

So, if you're all going to get over this 'personally inflicted' hurdle - learn to read facts and THEN voice opinions. That way, the Trump supporters will start to take you seriously...

Until then, you're all turning into white noise and heading in the wrong direction:

If you don't understand this apt image, keep working on it: