Friday, March 31, 2017

Stop Stealing Ideas + Start Innovating Again

The Thieves that Steal

This week, Facebook went hell for leather in launching copycat Snapchat and crowd funder platforms. They do this because they can. They have the cash and now only recruit same-minded 'yes' employees, so no one's coming out with anything radical at these giant corps. They scrutinize what's working elsewhere and shamelessly duplicate it, not even attempting to disguise the theft with bells & whistle differentiation. They have no moral compass code or conduct about their actions. And the sorry state of their employees, well that's something I pity:

  • They're hierarchy red taped to the hilt so free flowing revolution is stifled.
  • They follow the typical 'keep nose clean' ladder to not rock the boat.
  • I see them in SF all the time - same hoodies, same overpriced laptop cases, same vacant stare.
  • They're all clones and more are cloning at a rate of knots. They're destined to be Bounders.

Two major corporations have stolen my reverse shopping ecommerce IP. Both eventually shut them down after I initiated complaints & made this information public. I was disgusted with these companies that requested full blown PowerPoint's about myTab (and sister Match myCash) yet blatantly stole my creations following the presentations. On the bonus: they grabbed the basics, launched it without using my brain and vision...and both failed miserably. Stupid is as stupid does.

The Narrow Minded that Ignore

And on the flip side, you have corps like Twitter that are allergic to change. Sorry, I retract that. They made an announcement about their egg icon this week. Doubt the investors are elated with this news.

Even the media have publicized that Jack doesn't give a jack about listening. End of December 2016 he wanted people to tweet him ideas. It was a silly publicity stunt because anyone that actually challenged him with serious suggestions, he vomited. I'd created a series of new feature sets they could use. It'd bump up revenues, turn the model into an actual (grown up) business and start increasing new user sign ups alongside multi tiered stickiness and untapped traction. It is a loaded idea but then again, I never do anything by halves. It'd not take a huge UI/UX duration to set up, but the results would be staggering. I know when I'm right and I've got a bloody good, unique brain. I don't think how civilians think. I never have.

But his goal was to tweet a 'give me ideas' request and as long as the answers massaged his ego, his post was worth it. I was irritated with the lame ideas flooding his way so I tweeted a teaser (I don't give my ideas for free - you want it, you pay for it). He wanted more details. I tweeted again with a follow up teaser and he responded with 'false.' Who says 'false' when they don't even know what I'm suggesting?? At least he should've summoned one of his many minions to contact me for the scoop, before hiding back in his safe haven shell:

I find it disturbing that Bay Area tech egomaniacs are sliding in quick sand and are blinkered. They don't want serious ideas - they either want to steal them or ignore them. And it's a gaping hole that'll only get wider the more the region accepts this as standard practice. Which then doesn't leave an inch of room for the foundation that Silicon Valley was based on (yet inaccurately promotes): embracing genuine innovation.

The Ones That Are Screaming For Unique

Jason Calacanis was featured in recode yesterday, stating he was interested with die hard entrepreneurs that were doing something extraordinary, not just talking about it. A while ago, he ventured into a series of 'I must socially connect with Heddi' invitations. I accepted these, sat back and waited to see if he was truly interested in a conversation about myTab. I didn't initiate the chat as I was already jaded with the same ole spiel from the past 6 years of 300+ cloned VC's & Angels quoting the same broken record: "myTab is genius. Heddi is seriously worth investing in, But we won't fund myTab because she doesn't fit into our golden rule: Only support 20 year old tech boys with zero experience and no business model."  

Jason didn't initiate a chat with me but possibly he's only just noticed what I've known for a few years - genuine creativity is being categorically dismissed. Maybe he's now on a mission to hunt for those genius needles in haystack entrepreneurs and is pig sick of the talk-no-action. As I am.

The Morale?

For the ones wanting ideas: Never ask a question if you don't want the answer. Consider that someone might know something you don't. Man up and people may respect you again.

For the ones stealing ideas: I'm not going to sugar coat it. Get a grip: You're the lowest of the low and you'll always be branded as a thief.