Tuesday, August 29, 2017

This is Why We Look Rubbish in the Morning

I've been reading all of James Van Praagh's books recently because I know there are other worlds I've lived in and this one doesn't fit me well. I'm trying to understand why the heck I'm here with all of you slower folks. During last week's eclipse, I saw an astrology status by Michael Lutin regarding North Nodes. I'd never heard of these so ran a quick Google search. The quick search turned into reading up to page 10 of my North Nodes: Leo South Node and Aquarius North Node. I personally adore this one by Alice Loffredo. The other shoe finally dropped - I knew exactly why I was spending this life intertwined with conflicts, bizarre incidents and how my unusual brain was wired to deal with them. I've a brilliant brain with genius ideas - but I'm a bit too much for everyone else on this planet so there lies a situation I could never fully grasp until now. If you've read my autobiography, Living of the Irony, you know I have dreams every night. Some bring me incredible messages, spirit signs, assurances and innovations.

Which Leads To Why We Look Awful After Sleeping... 

Today, I finally realized why some of us look like a bus has slapped us sideways into a muddy field when we wake up. It's because our souls take a separate trip while our bodies shut down to sleep. Since my soul works at the speed of light, resulting in 2-3 dreams a night (every night since childhood or prior), I'm amazed I don't resemble a post-tornado-meets-avalanche when I wake up.

Think of it this way: If you believe you look pristine before you sleep and then climb Everest, imagine how disheveled you look when you reach the first peak? That's rapid soul dream one. Now imagine climbing higher against harsh weather that batters you in all directions to get to the next cliff. This is rapid soul dream two. By now you're not a pretty picture, probably eaten a few bugs and slipped in yellow snow. I'm an excessive overachiever that thinks and operates at levels so fast, I'm one of the few that climbs to the highest peak most nights (my peak is not anyone else's though). The higher the peak, the rougher the terrain but the bigger the spirit signs, ideas and messages I receive.

Which is why I sometimes wake up looking like I've been guinea pig tested on a new type of weather storm but forgot how to navigate around the system. I pound through the night at supersonic speeds, lucid matching dream three with one, or one and two, while trying to ask a mountain goat for directions through telepathy. I should bring him an apple when I see him next. He's a bit cantankerous but aren't we all, when someone repeatedly asks for directions. It's all part of my Leo meets Aquarius with my Aries (and Aries rising) eccentric personality that refuses to give me a night off, always craving more and never settling for the basics. Because I may look and act like the village idiot in your eyes, but it's a ploy to appease the rest of you. I know things you'll never know. And I know you know that.

So every night you sleep, if you wake up minus dreams, you're going to look reasonably OK. I personally prefer to aspire in looking horrific each morning. Because that means I let my soul travel on extra horse power using full throttle cylinder capacity. Something I'm extremely proud of. It'll not only ensure my inventions come to light, helping to make this world better, but each sleep gets me nearer in maneuvering my GPS Aquarius equilibrium...so you all get the star treatment and credit. Because this time, it's all about you, not me :)

Friday, August 18, 2017

Hating Breeds Hatred

The past 48 hours have been ridiculous, saddening and truly futile. Terrorism, violence, bias news, misleading reporting, antagonizing the public...causing the public to hate, scream and rant social media venom. It needs to stop.

On home turf, you may not like what Trump is doing. You may want to shriek at the top of your lungs, but for every person doing this, others are now seeing it as white noise. So what you're actually achieving is preaching to the same political view choir, because the rest of us are tuning you out. I'm getting multiple messages, texts etc from people sending hyperbole Pallywood-type fake news, trying to argue their fear-intention political point. I've shut you all out (like others) who don't take you seriously because you didn't read the facts. Also learn to LISTEN, instead of aggressively retaliating. One sided rants do not make for an intelligent person. They make you narrow minded.

When people don't talk rationally and respect other views, nothing is achieved. This not only goes for the public but the politicians who's sole feat is not to better the country, but only focus on two words: opposition and resist. Regardless of whether the topic in question is logical and benefits the U.S., they absolutely refuse to weigh up the pros and cons. All they know to do is attack and since January, this has been a continuous pattern. It's known as operating on a level of 'conditioning' that terrorists, Scientologists and cults use to recruit troops through fear. Others call it self brainwashing. I call it lunacy and spite, because your gal didn't win. Being a gracious loser and working with the other side always benefits the nation. But one party is forever resisting and their ego-driven self importance has taken priority over the public's interest. Their need to default oppose is more important than the citizens well being. That's shameful.

We're hitting a huge solar eclipse and it makes sense the tensions are blowing through the roof. So I'm going to meditate even more, focus on white lights for everyone and let's hope that Monday...you all get a grip. Because if not, the only destruction you're going achieve is the self-type and possibly give yourself an infection from stress. Which will result in kidney stones - and I've heard they're the worst.

Breathe, count to ten and repeat continuously until Monday morning!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

This Must've Been Written for Me!

Can't stop laughing...this guy is spot on. I just messaged him that I'm also date/time stamping it for evidence. I may need to refer back to it one day :D

Friday, August 11, 2017

Women Should be Charged 20% Less for Everything

Wouldn't it be lovely if single business charged women 20% less than men - to accommodate gender pay gaps? Restaurants, stores, service providers and the list is endless...

If women are paid 80% of what men make, females should be paying 80% of published prices everywhere. Just a simple, logical thought. It'd be nice to go to a restaurant and pay the women's price, take a flight at 20% discount versus the guy sat next to them or join a gym and enjoy that reduced monthly fee. If females earn less for the exact same role as men, this should be reflected in every aspect of our lives and everything we purchase.

There's no such word as feminism - I replaced it a long time ago with: standard. If you believe there needs to be a word to describe logic and equality, you're missing a chip. Unless it's stuck on your shoulder :)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

My Muppet Earned Her Wings 15 Years Ago

Happy birthday to my gorgeous Muppet who turns 15 years old today. We've been together 14 years and 9 months...and I only recently saw that the white fur on the back of her neck were wings. I scrunch that neck with hugs, multiple times a day. Who knew that the most obvious sign she's my guardian angel, went unnoticed for 1.5 decades? The symbol was always there - I can't believe I never saw it. Occasionally I am one can short of a six pack but this was an odd one to not notice, since I'm always extremely aware of signs, messages and numbers that come my way. When I ask for a sign, I always get it. When I ask a question before I go to sleep, the message always comes through in my dreams. How I never noticed her angel wings is just plain odd.

I'm currently pounding through all the James Van Praagh books and so this post I wrote in May is absolutely spot on. What I wrote made sense but I didn't have the evidence to prove it until I read his books. There's a reason for every step we go through in life, including Mups and I colliding way back in 2002 - when I went for a walk and came home with a spaniel. She's been with me through some horrible times; when I've experienced psychic attacks and invaded by negative people (low level entities). Mups and I are eternally bonded by something that goes back many reincarnations which is why she's recently helped me clear myself from the repulsives. 

Maybe she was my mum, seven lifetimes ago. Possibly we were married or she was my brother two centuries past. I may have been a tree and she was a donkey, piddling on me in Portugal. Seventy lives ago she may have been a block of cheese and I was a loaf of bread. Either way, we've always been together in previous lives because we're soul-intertwined. The split second we locked eyes nearly 15 years ago, she bounced over to me and the first message that came into my head from her was "C'mon, let's go home! I've been waiting three months for you to show up. Move it!!" I'll never forget that. This wasn't a puppy just happy to have a home, this was a fluffy monkey that was making it crystal clear we were joined together once again.  

When she one day goes, she'll still remain besides me, protecting me until we're physically united again. She'll only leave this life when she knows I'm fine - and it'll happen quickly. I know she'll be bouncy, healthy and happy like she is now (way more than the average 15 year old) and then in a snap, she'll pass away. The vet will say it was an unusual situation he's never heard of before. Then when I go, she'll be the one to greet me and we'll start the process once more with new earth adventures. I always asked Mups if she looked after me or I looked after her - now I know. After I saw her wings, three nights I asked to be shown my guardian angel in a dream. All three times, Muppet was in them. One dream, she piddled three times. Urine is a symbol of release. She managed to magnify this message by pissing torrents, all over the kitchen floor, on rugs and flooding the hall. I wasn't mad at her - I just had no idea she had such a big bladder. 

We're smitten with each other and it's an ongoing love affair. Today, she gets extra chicken for being my forever gate keeper. If you have a pet, then adore it. If you see a pet on the street, hug it. If you come across an animal along the way, give it affection. They know things we don't - so never assume we're the more intelligent ones. Because we're not and we never will be. We should all aspire to be an animal in a future life. They know things we never will because they're wiser, even when they slip in their own shit, need poo pulling off their bum or eat a whole slipper. It's just an act so they can pretend they're stupid. Don't ever be fooled :)